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Favourite Dish.

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  • Favourite Dish.

    Well i want to know what is your favourite dish to prepare? For me i love making baked muffins and bread butter. It is so sweet and delicious. I do not make it very often due to the caloric content but whenever i want to spice up our dinner with something hearty i always make my muffin and bread butter.So what is your favourite dish so please share here.

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    Well guys!!Different people like the different dishes but we should be eat healthier
    and energetic dishes for keep good health and take good taste.I like these dishes..
    Fried Plantains
    Jerk Chicken
    Rice & Peas
    Callaloo, Stewed Chicken, Oxtails
    Escovitch fish
    Curry Goat, curry Shrimp, curry chicken
    Steak and potatoes


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      All nutrition rich foods are my favourite foods. Because each and every sources have some advantages and protect our life forever. Especially Oats and non vegetables are my most favourites.
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        My favorite are:
        Fried fish,
        Fried vegetables rice,
        Mixwd fruits & vegetables salad,
        and Pasta.


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          Well guys!!I am agree with your reviews.Different people like the different dishes.
          We should be eat healthier and energetic dishes for get the energy and fitness.
          I like these dishes....
          Vegetarian foods
          Chicken jinger
          Fried Plantains
          Jerk Chicken
          Rice & Peas
          Russian salad...
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            I love cooking but these days i have been taking care that the food i eat is able to give nutrition my body requires.

            I have tried almost every dish from a e-book which was sent me by Stepathlon.

            The e-book has amazing recipes and is very easy to make

            check the recipe at


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              All nourishment wealthy meals are my preferred meals. Because each and every resources have some advantages and secure our life permanently. Especially Oatmeal and non vegetables are my most favorites.
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                Hey guys,I know that different people like the different dishes for taste and get energy
                so we should be eat healthier and energetic foods.These dishes is my favorite dishes
                Vegetarian foods
                Fried vegetarian rice
                Vegetarian soup
                Chicken ginger
                Fried fish

                Click for further detail
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                  Mostly I love to eat fast food.
                  Here are some of my favorite dishes,
                  Fried Fish
                  Chicken curry


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