This is Chaitu Kiran from India, I want to make a mix of the following herbal powders.As I am suffering from PE. And also want to improve my libido. Please read the following and give your valuable advice:

Aswagandha - 100gms
Gokshura - 100gms
Kapikachhu - 100gms
Shatavri - 100gms
Kaunch beej - 100gms
Safed musli - 100gms
TalMakhana - 100gms
Vidarikanda - 100gms
Badam powder- 250gms.

I want to have above mixture with milk daily for 3 to 4 months and want to get rid of my problems. So is mixing above mixture is correct? Please give me valuable advice on mix and please tell me if there is any change.