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Skin Care ????

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  • Skin Care ????

    Does anyone have a special regimine for your face?
    I have to admit that I have started using some Elizabeth Arden skin care products and love them
    I have also found out that I can buy some of what I use on ebay in brand new sealed packages at wonderful prices.
    Now that I am 50 plus a few, my skin needs better care than it has received in the past.

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    If you are looking for an herbal product for your skin. You can check the product called Herbocharm from Dr. Vaidya's. It is a face pack that provides relief from acne, blackheads, eczema and other skin ailments. Check out their website:


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      Many of us follow a strict beauty regimen to keep our skin, hair in good health. In fact, we spend lot of money to enjoy beautiful skin and superb hair.
      There is nothing worse for your skin than an unnecessary chemical ingredient. When it comes to beauty, importance should be given to natural ingredients rather than commercial beauty products. Chemicals and toxins in commercial products can do a lot of harm in the long run. Ayurveda has some time-proven tricks to make your skin clear, soft, and radiant without spending a fortune or loading up on chemicals.
      Our skin tends to become rough, dry, and irritated during certain seasons and with age. According to Ayurveda, it happens due to the accumulation of Vata in the body. Vata predominates in the Fall and early Winter, and in people over the age of 50. When there is excess Vata, we are prone to dry skin, cracking joints, thinning dry hair, and brittle nails. Vata can also show up in the body earlier if you're really stressed, have a Vata disturbing diet or live in a Vata inducing climate (cold and dry).

      Here are some Ayurvedic tips that will slow down Vata accumulation in the body and will help you stay young and keep your skin beautiful.

      1. Eat Veggies - Stick to high-water content vegetables that are easier to digest, such as lettuce, carrot, cucumber, daikon radish, fennel, and tender asparagus tips. These vegetables are tridoshic: they are good for all types of skin. Combine at least 3 and enjoy with a simple olive oil-lemon juice dressing.
      2. Eat Seeds/Nuts - Adding seeds and nuts into your diet will improve the condition of your skin. Vata is drying by nature so all foods that have natural healthy fats in them will prevent this imbalance. Nuts and seeds are a perfect food -- they contain Omega-3s, healthy fats, and fiber to help a weakened Vata digestion. You can try adding almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and other nuts to your oatmeal.
      3. Exercise -. Exercise will improve blood circulation, digestion, and give you a healthy blush! Choose the type of exercise that makes you feel good and gives you energy without exhausting you. Whether it is walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, or boxing -- you should enjoy it and have fun moving your body.
      4. Meditate/Breathe - High levels of emotional and mental stress is one of the major reasons why Vata gets aggravated (Not good!). It literally sucks out all the vital juices from your skin making it dehydrated. Meditation and breathing can be very effective stress busters that you might want to consider.
      5. Sleep well - Any skin care professional or Ayurvedic doctor will agree on the fact that getting at least seven hours of sleep is a good thing when it comes to having a healthy and glowing complexion.
      6. Moisturise - Staying hydrated on the inside is important but you shouldn't forget about taking care of your skin from the outside, as well. Cleansing and moisturizing are the most crucial to keeping your skin healthy and young. An oil massage is the best remedy for dry skin.[HTML][/HTML]


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        Skin allergy is one of the most common types of allergy. The overreaction of the body's immune system when it sends antibodies to fight foreign substances called allergens is termed as an allergic reaction. This process results in itching, bumps, redness, rashes and other such skin conditions.

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