Hi all,
I am a business man. My wife is a teacher. We have 3 kids of age 6, 3 and 2 months. My parents are staying along with us at home. I am their only son. They have struggled a lot to bring me up. Now it's my duty to look after them. Since they are very old both of them suffer from a countless number of diseases like blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and so on.

Since I have a business meeting in another country, I will be back home only after a month. After my wife's last delivery she is with her parents. When I go, there won't be anyone to care for my parents. Both of them are under ayurvedic treatment. I don't wish to send them to any old age homes. But one of my friend said that there is a senior care home which provides private personal support and nursing services in Toronto. Do anyone know about it? Is such a home care is allowed at the time of ayurvedic treatment? It would be of great help to me if you could share your suggestions. Thanks in advance