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Two Doshas - Which to Treat First

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  • Two Doshas - Which to Treat First

    I am a Kapha-Pitta. I have symptoms of imbalances of both doshas (heartburn and acid stomach (Pitta) and weight and metabolism problems (Kasha). I also have severe joint points (not sure which dosha this is attributable to). I am not how to balance both doshas, as it appears that the diet suggestions for balancing one conflict with the diet for the other.

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    Hi Judy,

    most people are dominated by two Doshas, in which case it's sometimes easier to strengthen the third Dosha. Usually Pitta-Kapha types are a strong combination if in balance and are able to keep their Kapha-weight in balance with Pitta-activity. And they're not as contrary as it sounds. They both have oiliness in common, so dry/raw and fresh foods and activity in the early morning hours usually help balancing them.

    Severe and cracking joints however can be either too much Vata or too little Kapha. To me this sounds like you have some temporary overlying imbalances (Vrikruti) which can be caused by lifestyle and environment and that might even be contrary to your general mind-body-type (Prakruti). In this case, you'd treat the temporary imbalances first, ordered by severity. If you don't have an ayurvedic practitioner near you, try this test, after the Prakruti part, there is a Vrikruti test, which might give you a better hint what to do next.

    Here's also an overview over the six tastes in Ayurveda; at the end of the page is a table showing you which foods go for both Kapha and Pitta (bitter and astringent). However, this doesn't mean you have to eat only those tastes! Just try and get a little bit more of those, but in general you should still get all six tastes (and in a perfect world all six in every meal )

    Another thing to mention is that each Dosha is strongest during a certain part of the day:

    Vata before sunrise and sunset,
    Pitta at noon and midnight and
    Kapha after sunrise and sunset.

    Try observing if your problems are getting worse or better at certain times (or in certain environments like an airconditioned workplace = Vata) and try balancing your Doshas at the right time; e.g. do Pitta pacifying things at noon and Kapha pacifying things in the mornings and evenings.

    I hope this helps, I know how overwhelming this can be at first. Let me know how you go
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      dear judy, do three days hot water fast. Then take soup of green gram for three days and ginger's juice 20ml with honey twice a day. care for constipation! this is the idea to balance your doshas!

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