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What is Ayurvedic treatments?

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  • What is Ayurvedic treatments?

    Ayurveda is the science of life and art of living .It is a great gift to mankind by Lord Shiva. The ayurvedic science is not merely to prevent and cure diseases, but to lead a life that is happy and useful. The ayurvedic treatment is a very old and traditional method of treatment that had originated from India. It is even to this date highly popular among people for curing of numerous kinds of ailments starting from stomach problems, sexual problems, metabolic and nervous disorders and many more. Life is defined as union of body, sense, mind and soul. Modern age is a period of stress and strain. World is facing problems of global warming, change in seasons, increasing spread of epidemic, natural atmosphere etc. Modern man is having very fast and irregular life style. Fast food, alcoholism, smoking etc have increased which lead to reduce of immunity power and change in genetic symptom. Body is prone of diseases. Ayurveda has solutions of relief for all these problems. It has been said in ayurvedic tests a million of year’s ago. Modern treatment gives a sudden and temporary relief by destroying the cause of disease whereas Ayurveda gives a slow and steady relief by rooting out the cause of disease by eliminating the vitiated doshas and restoring the health. Knowledge of Ayurveda methods and techniques is ageless and ever pervading.
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    Ayurvedic medicine is one of the ancient holistic healing systems. The basic principle of Ayurvedic is that health and wellness depend on balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The main goal of Ayurveda is to promote good health and prevent disease by maintaining the balance. Ayurvedic treatment can be divided into two main categories Shaman (Pacifying therapies) and Shodhan (Purification therapies). The ayurvedic physician based on individaul strength and disease condition decides the treatment regimen.


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      Ayurvedic medicine is something which helps to cure your disease without side effects. If I give you example every second person is having diabetes or thyroid or other problems, I am not denying that allopathic medicine doesn't help but they left some side effect in body which means you addicted to those medicines.

      Ayurveda comes up with the solution to all your problems, Ayurveda with technology gives best way to solve any kind of problem. Ayurvedic medicines are pure herbs which effect on the grassroots of people's problem and help them to stay healthy !

      Many videos are there on youtube go to YouTube type Wellmaats Aarogya life


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        Ayurveda is truly a blessing from god. Because it has the power of curing diseases with out any side effects. But it is always advised that before under going for any treatment is Ayurveda make sure that the Ayurvedic treatment centre is good or not. Never visit any centres without knowing completely. Make queries before check in. Ayurveda is not only for curing diseases. It is the best option for rejuvenating yourself. Panchakarma Treatment is the best option for rejuvenation. A seven day course of Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala will help you to rejuvenate your body as well as mind.



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