Hello Doctor,

I am sagar from Kolkata, India. I am 30yrs old, weight 68kgs, unmarried healthy guy.

i am facing two problems right now:-

1) PAIN IN TESTICLES- whenever i wear jeans or tight fitting pants, i got pain in my right testicles. the size becomes bigger than left one. plz help me to free the pain forever.

2)MY BIGGEST PROBLEM is low sex drive,PE,ED..
In past i have done lots of masturbation, watching lots of porn videos & used to shag watching those videos.. though i have reduced it a lot now. limited to 2 time masturbation in a week..whenever i do masturbate,after that 3-4 days i dont have any urge for sex.. my penis become small, cold n calm.

I have sex a few times but all time my erection last for 1 minute and not fully erected. i got semi erection for few seconds and i ejaculate within 2-3 strokes. AFTER EJACULATION, I DONT GET ERECTION FOR NEXT 1-2 DAYS.

RIGHT now I am taking shilajit and Safed Musli from 2 months..didnt get improvement except it helps me to increase my semen and thickness.

plz help me doctor. my married is gonna be next year. i want to be fit and healthy sexually.
thank you