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  • Parkinsonism


    Parkinsonism is a Clinical syndrome characterized by tremors , bradykinesia , rigidity and postural instability .It is a condition that causes combination of abnormalities of movement .Parkinsonism is usually a disease of elderly.but these days due to high pollution levels younger people are being effected by it.Males are more prone to it then females.

    ∑ Head trauma/Head injuries
    ∑ Senile degeneration.
    ∑ Certain neurodegenerative disorder such as multiple system atrophy and Progressive supra nuclear palsy.
    ∑ Brain lesions such as tumorís or fluid build up.
    ∑ Metabolic and other disorder such as chronic liver failure and hypoparathyroidism.
    ∑ Exposure to toxins such as carbon mono oxide cyanide & organic solvents.

    ∑ Tremors
    ∑ Bradykinesia
    ∑ Muscular rigidity
    ∑ Impaired posture & balance
    ∑ Loss of control of voluntary movement
    ∑ Blurred Speech & inability to write properly
    ∑ Difficulty in moving & Walking
    ∑ Constipation

    ∑ Clinical examination
    ∑ Thyroid profile
    ∑ Liver function test
    ∑ Imaging studies
    ∑ MRI
    ∑ CT scan

    Herbal treatment
    ∑ Kapikachu (mucuna pruriens)
    ∑ Brahmi (Bacopa monniera)
    ∑ Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)
    ∑ Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)
    ∑ Shankhpushpi ( Convolvulus pleuricauls)
    ∑ Ginkgo Biloba

    Panchkarma treatment
    ∑ Regular and continuous panchkarma therapy by an experienced hand can bring about wonderful results in patients of parkinsonism that are permanent.The movement of body as a whole and parts are better controlled.
    ∑ Abhyangam , Shirodhara , Sarwangdhara, Patra pind swedanam, Potli massage.
    ∑ Yoga & Meditation

    Foods & spices
    ∑ Turmeric
    ∑ Green tea
    ∑ Kale , bell pepper
    ∑ Potatoes
    ∑ Apple ,berries & Pears
    ∑ Whole grains
    ∑ Legumes & beans
    ∑ Whole nuts

    For more infomation please visit-
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