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Vata dosha calories and protein? Please help

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  • Vata dosha calories and protein? Please help

    Hey there forum, i am quite new to ayurveda, started looking into it a few months ago after a kundalini energy surge made me very ungrounded and unstable...

    I am very tall 1,94m (6'3") and very thin 65 kg.

    I am phisically very vata, chicken makes me very ungrounded as it stimulates me very much, and i am allergic to lactose and eggs. So that leave my protein choices nuts and seeds.

    What really drives me crazy is when i see that in ayurveda it is recomended to eat only 3-4 servings of meat a week, and when it comes to nuts, i read things like "eat 5-10 almonds". Now while my opinion is that generally overestimate how much protein we need, how are people supposed to get any protein with this diet? 5-10 almonds contain 2-3 grams of protein for example.

    Another question would be caloric intake, how am i supposed to get any calories in? i eat 0.5 kgs of root vegetables a day but that comes out to only 200 calories and 3-4 tablespoons of oil that another 400 cals and i eat 75 grams of soaked sunflower seeds which is another 400-500 calories. in total my daily calories are around 1200-1300.

    Also i have started blending all my meals and feel ok doing it (like rice + seeds + cooked beets + oil all blended together)

    Can some vata types please list their diet choices and meal plans... i would love to know how many meals vatas eat and how they get calories and protein.

    Thank you very much in advance !

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    Apart from Ayurveda, focus also on a natural diet. For protein, eat seafood, fish is very good for protein, eat lean beef, eggs, low-fat (cheese, milk & yogurt), oats, almonds, drink protein shakes. As a fitness freak, I eat protein candies also sometimes made from natural fruit and nuts.
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