History : Around 10 years ago (I was 20-21) I suffered from Psoriesis for more than 1.5 years with ineffective homeopathic treatment(No one knew what was the problem till this point). Then, my mother took me to a very old local doctor in our small town in India who knew Ayurveda, and some of homeopathy and allopathy too.

He was the first doctor in 2 years to diagnose that I had psoriasis (that too on first visit). He gave small pudia(Packets 10-15 gm each) to take 3 times a day(later 2 times). Which were mixture of "Triphala" and an "Orange/Red" looking substance. His treatment was so effective that I started noticing the difference with in 2 weeks. I took his medicine for almost a year and after that I moved to United states and could not continue.

Unfortunately he has passed away and after 10 years(I am 31 now) my Psoriasis is back. I am running out of time and with my luck I came here If Someone can suggest me based on the disease that what did he gave me so that I can be cured again.

Question : Would anyone happen to know what medicine he might have used?

He had also mentioned a Baidyanath syrup which can be used in case if the problem ever came back which I can not remeber the name of(its been 10 years ).

Note: In addition to Ayurvedic medicine he also gave me small doses of homeopathic medicine to take once a day.
I would really appreciate the help.