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Pimples all over the face

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  • Pimples all over the face

    Hello Friends,

    My sister is facing hard time in her life. Her disaster started like this.

    She had pimples on her face, someone suggested Bitnovate ointment. She started using, when ever she stops it, her face skin became red filled with rashes. She wasn't able to control the pain and then she re using the bitnovate. I asked her to stop it. So, she stopped it completely. Initially, she had the pain on her face. later one week. It controlled. but, she is now facing another worst problem. Pimples like things are appearing on her face every where. She is loosing her confidence.

    I have to tell you, she suffers a lot (stomach pain) in the times of menstrual period. I guess, these are all related to harmonic imbalance.

    I am requesting you people, if you know, any good ayurvedic medicine to solve her problem. ? Please share with me.

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    This is really good to see ayurveda specialists...


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        There are number of ayurvedic medicine known for curing pimples and making your face bright. Some of them are Neem and Ashwagandha
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          Neem one of the best herbal medicine known for Pimples
          Musli | Medical Benefits of Musli | Withania Somnifera | Medical Benefits of Withania Somnifera |


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