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Help!What is my problem? treatment ongoing for 8 years with no respite

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  • Help!What is my problem? treatment ongoing for 8 years with no respite

    Hello people
    I am 29 year old male who used to be extremely healthy till 21. Then the decline started since 2007. I had a job with extreme stress and had severe sinus head aches since 2007 end every day. It started as a shiver on top o head and in few hours led to rigid face and neck muscles and excruciating pain of head and frontal face. There was lot of mucus during this time and gas in stomach. I would feel extremely hungry and anything I eat would be passed as loose stool in few minutes.This reduced the irritation in stomach though. Light and noise aggravated it and all I could do was lie on bed with eyes and ears covered. Even on fortunate days with no severe head aches, I would get headaches from noise. When preparing to sleep,I would get heavy heart palpitations which could even move the dress I am wearing. Sometimes when standing up the pressure was so severe,I would feel as if the head would implode from pressure. There was a medical test done end of 2009 which said I have too high HDl,LDL and tri-glycerides. The doctor didn't believe me when I said i don't drink alcohol. Actually I take very good care of health with good food and don't even drink soft drink or excess sugar with regula exercise thrice a week.

    I tried from Ayurvedic Sidha treatments who did heavy massage for 21 days with oil and gave some medicines,citing all this happened because I had a head injury falling down. This made no noticeable difference.I went to homeo doctor who said it was migraine and sinusitis acting together and gave me medicine for an year with no change. 2010 I met a Sidha doctor who said indigestion caused excess acid and gas which caused problems and gave me medicine for 6 months which relieved a bit. I started noticing bleeding gums every day and doctor gave me some herbal tooth powder. With slight improvement, things stagnated. Even a slight cause of stress would cause the headache cycle at these time, such as I need to wake up in morning. What was interesting is that while the frequency reduced, duration and intensity increased.The pain would last for 2-3 days and eyes wouldn't focus properly due to sinus pressure and pain existed even during sleep. I changed to another doctor who diagnosed there were poisons in body,he said someone gave me poisons and started few months long physical body cleaning. There was dramatic improvement with pains reducing to once every two weeks.

    However the tooth started to decay(it had been happening in past),gums withdrew and aches happened. The doctor has done his best and I feel the internal body strength is weak. Headaches as of 2015 are rare,once a month or less.But the neck musles are rigid always with, extreme noise and light sensitivity during sleep.i sleep with ear plugs and eye cover and is still disturbed. There is general fatigue and gas from stomach. Mucus is always in mouth after food and always in nose. Whatever I do to clean,it re appears in a few minutes.

    Though I am only 29,my tooth are decaying with gum recession despite best care(oil pulling,chewing mango and neem leaf,calcium supplements),one side of nose is alwys blocked(neti,steaming helps only for few mins),I wake up from sleep at 1-3Am,general fatigue,bloated stomach despite being muscular and fit all body,ringing buzzing noise in ear always,dry lips and hot feeling.. When the headache comes there is so much mucus close to 500ml and still coming,I measured it once to show parents. The urine turns dark yellow next morning when pain subsides.

    Can some one please tell me what is my problem and how to cure it?I look physically ok externally:no hair loss and in shape(except light bloating lower stomach) so no one including my parents believes my reign of pain

    Medications done so far: Homeo for sinus and migraine for 1 year,ayurveda:balarishtam,kdadirarishtam,nasyam,ra snadi powder,manomitra vatakam,liv 52,stresscom,mahakalyana gritham,snehalepanam,vamanam procedure,kaivisha parihari gulika and few others.

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    Any one?

    Gums are receding and head hurts bad today.


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      sorry i don't know why i couldn't post it through new topic co i'm posting it here. please help:
      "I didn't know where to post this- so sorry if it is wrong place.

      I'm starting to follow ajurveda lifestyle. My dosha is Vata and i have a queation about sleep routine. In some resouces i have read that It is adviced to wake up at 6am and on the other hand i heard that it should be before sunrise. But the time of sun rising is chainging everday- now in my country sun rises at 4:50 am. So being Vata type what would be ideal "schedule" to go to bed and wake up."


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        start physical exercise

        Start running daily or alternate days. I would suggest running 5 km on a stretch. But since you are beginning I wouldn't alarm you, run at least 1Km on alternate days no matter what. You can improve further. The cure for this is within you.


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          This is sign of black magic

          I guess u have affected by black magic.consult good astrologer and aolve ur pbm.


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