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Why I think Make In India will benefit Ayurveda

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  • Why I think Make In India will benefit Ayurveda

    So as you all know, India has highlighted Ayurveda as one of the key sectors of importance for the Make in India campaign. I was quite glad to see that!

    Let's look at some numbers:

    1) INdia is 2nd largest exporter of ayurvedic and alternative medicine in the world.
    2) Ayurveda is a INR 162 Billion industry by 2014.
    3) India has a INR 490 Billion wellness market.
    4) 6200 indigenous herbal plants.

    So basically, Ayurveda is a potent form of medicine and India is the pioneer in Ayurveda. I'm glad the Government is now actively trying to take it to the world.

    The Government has a term called AYUSH, which refers to Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy. The demand for AYUSH is increasing drastically worldwide and I think it's time India capitalize on this skillset before any other nation can. The country has a vast AYUSH infrastructure comprising of 686,319 registered practitioners, 26,107 dispensaries and 3167 hospitals in public sector, 501 undergraduate colleges, & 8896 licensed drug manufacturing units.

    Another reason I support this initiative is that AYUSH is much cheaper than than conventional health care. Not to mention that adverse effects of chemical-based drugs and increasing lifestyle disorders. By the year 2020, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are expected to account for seven out of every ten deaths in developing regions. AYUSH seems to be the brightest prospect for battling this.

    The Government has gone ahead and allowed 100% FDI in this sector and though there are some that feel that this might effect our local producers, it should be noted that the incoming investors are not likely to have the knowhow about AYUSH and would most likely associate with a local producer hence increase said producers' R&D budget and market base outside of India.

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    Yes.. There are so many Ayurveda centres are available in India. Chamakkatt Herbals is one of the best ayurveda medicines manufactures. They have the best herbal medicated oils for curing all types of diseases.
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      Ayurveda medicine Improves Blood Circulation, Decreases stress, glow shining on face, weight lose and personal fitness. The benefits of aurveda are numerous.
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        Dear Yogasingh, there are many benefits of ayurveda medicine. Here are a few

        5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments

        1. Achieving Overall Balance
        2. Cleansing the Body
        3. Reducing Stress
        4. Getting Better
        5. Building Immunity
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          Exactly India is known as one of the largest producer of ayurvedic medicines and surely make in India will make help it a lot in the field of Ayurveda.
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            India is the only country where people are mostly believe in Ayurveda .actually speaking is that ayurveda is been adopted from our ancestor so i believe strongly India will be more benefits
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              Originally posted by paulaugust View Post
              India is the only country where people are mostly believe in Ayurveda .actually speaking is that ayurveda is been adopted from our ancestor so i believe strongly India will be more benefits
              What you say is very correct. There are many places in india where Ayurveda and its treatment are believed and trusted.
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