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Seasons over the world, and over the years

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  • Seasons over the world, and over the years

    I'm from Sweden and I think the seasons I've been reading about (dry and cold autumn and winter, wet spring and hot summer) is american? And that in India they got 6 seasons or something, so the kapha, pitta and vata cykles two times? But what about the rest of the world, and in my case, northen Europe? Is there a good source to use as a reference?

    I guess summer is more humid due to the warmer temperature that lets the air contain more humidity, and that the cooler it gets, the more dry it gets. When I think about a typical swedish summer it's quite rainy (that's why a lot of swedes love to go abroad on vacation, seaking the sun) but summer July can be very hot and dry some years. I'd say very much Pitta, but dry as Vata. Though June is Kapha. Some years, not every. Last year we had a Mars that was cold and dry, but other years I would call it Kapha I think. And the autumn in Sweden, though colder than summer, is way to wet to be called Vata. Some winters can also be quite humid, other years it can be frosty cold with a lot of snow, and as dry as Vata could get.

    My theory is to eat pacifying food after looking out the window, maybe not day by day but in longer periods. Like crackers can be more ok a rainy week and a salad more ok a hot sunny week. Or is it best to keep more to season Vata/Pitta/Kapha, whatever they might be in my region?

    Another question about weather: I'm very much Vata (and depending on wich test Vata-Kapha or Vata-Pitta) and whenever there's a rainy day I get really tired. Some days so tired that my thoughts start to go really slow, so I feel stupid, and I almost feel ill. Really not function as on a nice sunny day with clear weather and a high sky. (So I can watch the weather report and then decide what to work with the next day! Even though I work indoors.) Anyone else noticing the same? Are there any ayurvedic tips about this weather sensitivity? The only tips I've heard about that might help is to be outside in every kind of weather. I've been taking a few minutes walks every lunch for about a year now and yes, it's better. But I could do with more tips.
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