I'm quite new to this, and been reading on a lot of sites, both swedish and american, and in Chopra's book Perfect Health. And I've found a lot of contradicting statements about what's aggravating and what's calming. One site says that mung bean, for example, is aggravating for Vata, another that it's calming for Vata. Ok, I can understand that beans is not good for Vata (gas) but that mung bean is somewhat ok, but that one site states that it's even calming makes it confusing. I've seen many examples on different foods too, so now I'm not sure what advices I should listen to anymore. It's like I read that x is good, buy it and then read that it's aggravating, and then I sit there and try to eat x with a peaceful mind when in the back of my head a voice whispers "yeah, but you know it's not so good anyway". I try to listen to my body, but while learning to listen the advices on all these sites are important.

So I wonder, are there different branches in Ayurveda that couses these contradicting statements? Or how come? Is there a more reliable source to double check the statements with?