i have anxiety, stress, fatigue, digestion issues and racing mind, i thought this is because of excessive masturbation. Since this January i abstained from the act and any stimulations and no ejaculation also. After starting abstinence few days later digestion disturbed alot and anxiety, stress, fear in the stomach for no reason, flu like symptoms went very high along with weird thoughts. I really battled for life to abstain, finally seeing some improvements these days but on and off.

I'm using stresscom(ashwagandha) capsules from 45 days with 1 week gap between each month to be on safer side, 1cap morning 5 mins after breakfast and 1cap 5 mins after dinner and also amlaki powder local made GMP certified half tsp with luke warm water in morning empty stomach. I think this combo helped me but not totally. I'm using this for two months. Might be healing from the root, just waiting to see overall wellbeing.

FYI, before the issues i was so healthy, i never had headache, fever or colds. Age 32+ and not yet married.

I need few answers for the following queries
#1 Can i continue abstinence for few more months to get back to normal health
#2 is stresscom capsules(2 caps a day) are safe to use for long term without breaks
#3 Is amalaki powder safe to use in the empty stomach life long
#4 Also i'm planning to use fish cod liver oil(seven seas or seacod) for omega 3's on alternative days to improve and balance my overall health, what is your take on this

Any further suggestions are appreciated

Thanks in advance