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Kapha and Pitta Imbalanced with possible Vata imbalance too

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  • Kapha and Pitta Imbalanced with possible Vata imbalance too

    Hi All!

    I need some help with the health issues that I have been facing for about 8 yrs now.

    I have been working in night shifts for past 8 years. For the past 3 yrs, its fixed shift but prior to that it's rotational and It took a major toll on my health. My last job was very stressful. During that stage i lost lot of hair, i used to be alone, had digestion/sever bloating issues inspite of going to gym everyday.

    3 years ago, i joined my current job and since then started reading about digestion issues. I met a doctor at a ayurveda store and have been taking medication for past 3 yrs. At the beginning of the treatment I had severe acidity, indigestion and gas problems. It took about an year or so to get back to normal. We realised i have sinusitis issues too and started treating that and during the process, due to inability to drive my car properly without panicking, i started taking medication for anxitey issues too. All from same doc. Every month i visit the doc, everyday i take medicines and all i eat is after proper consideration only. I do see some progress but its been so long, i'm vexed-up and want to accelerate the recovery by following ideal exercise-plan, if it is possible. All these years i have been doing some or the other form of exercise on and off without eventually causing one or the other dosha to imbalance and eventually giving-up only to make-up my mind after few days/months and try again.

    Basically, I understand that I'm a kapha-pitta body type and as of now, if i do pranayama to reduce kapha, pitta increases and vice-versa. I just asked my doc and he says, your body type is not easy to cure due to life-style, and body constitution which according to him is the body type of 33.3% people around the world. From what he said, I can make out that he is trying to treat me without aggravating another dosha.

    My question is, what is the best approach, life-style, diet, exercise wise.

    Are there any exercises, pranayama which dont aggravate other doshas? Is there a pratice that soothes and balances all three doshas simultaneously?

    Right now, as i type this, i'm struggling from extreme irritability, unrest/tension in muscles (i havent felt this way in long time and i remember my dark days of being depressed and being clueless whats going on with me or around me), heat in my eyes, intolerance to noise, throbbing in the head and sinus congestion. My long-term problems have been, melancholic mood, disinterest in people, inclination towards loneliness, digestion issues, heat in eyes, impatience, intolerance to heat, inability to open eyes properly in sunlight etc., I have a come a long way since the beginning but i am afraid this is taking a toll on my career and social life is inexistent to say the least. but thats least of my worries right now.

    Please let me know if i can provide any more info. to help you guide me.

    Thank you!!
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