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Searching for a good therapist for my brotherís psychosis

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  • Searching for a good therapist for my brotherís psychosis

    Hello from Greece !

    My brother is 34 years old (1,88, 75 kg, unemployed), has mental problems about 9 months now. A psychiatrist from Greece diagnosed "schizophrenia". In the beginning of the psychotic episode had a lot of stress, tachycardia and he couldn't sleep. When he went for the first time to the psychiatrist, he told him that one of his problems, except those i mentioned to above, was that he was listening some voices, such as "you will go to hell". He deals, about 15 years, with the religion, when he had simular stress problems, without voices.

    The doctor gave him a depot chemical drug, called "Zypadhera 405 mg", for 1 month. The psychiatrist does the depots(till today did 3 depots on my brother's body) and he told us (me and my mother) that after 1 year he will be much better and after he must take drugs for his lifetime !!! After 3 depots my brother was more calm, as i can understand from his face but he has the following problems:

    1. He is talking with his friends and with priests in the phone but sometimes he will ask them the same questions and the result is that many of them does not seem to want him in the company.

    2. He seems not to have so much energy to care his self (he does not seem to have depression with suicidal thoughts)

    3. He had a very strange habit, after he started taking the drugs (olanzapine element). He was going to the WC many times (in about 3-4 hours, in the afternoon and at night, 300 times!!!) a day to pee, but he seems that he has not a real need! I think that he pressed himself to pee ! This seems to happened every night in the summer

    4. His nutrition was bad for many years now with many religious fasting. He likes fast food more and he has 2 or 3 from 4 meals out of his house. I am trying to tell him that he have to eat more healthy foods (fruits, vegetables). Sometimes he eats healthy. He likes honey and sweets and pizza cheese pie more!

    5. He has trouble with the sleeping time. He will sleep one day at 01:00 in the morning, the other day at 02:00, etc. He will eat his last meal between 21:00-22:00. I gave him a herbal mix tea from a bioshop in sachets (liquorise, valerian, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile, mint) but it does not seem to help him a lot.

    I have many herbs in my home, essential oils and mixed oils, like "Himalaya Anti-Stress massage oil" and some supplements but i am not so experienced in these situations to give him the suitable therapeutically mix.

    Before 2 weeks he went to a psychiatric clinic and doctors there gave him a description with drugs called Invega (1 of 3mg per day at midday), Remeron ( Ĺ of 30 mg at night before sleep) and Seroquel (1 of 100 mg at night before sleep).

    I donít believe that west medicine and their drugs can help my brotherís. In the other hand I talk with patients that had a therapy result with drugs after 2-3 years. In Greece before about one month I talk with a Greek Ayurveda doctor and he told me that Ayurveda cannot help people who suffering for psychosis.

    I know from articles and forums in internet that Ayurveda can help people with mental problems and treat in a short time period. I know that herbs like Aswagandha, Shankhapushpi, Jatamansi, Sarpagandha, can treat but i don't know how to use them, in which form (supplement, dry or tincture), from where and in what quantities.

    Is there a good Ayurveda therapist here that will come in Greece the next period?

    I live in Athens and I can meet him to talk more about my brotherís problem and decide what to do. Before our meet we can talk in Skype.

    Thank you for spending your time reading my topic and hope to help me as much as you can.
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