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  • Stress Management


    How to manage the stress?

    Is there any Ayurveda medicine to control the stress?

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    Hi dear. I think the best way to manage the stress is to control your mind. In Hindi we have a saying that the difference between 'chinta' that is worry and 'Chita' that is funeral pyre is just a dot. Follow your hobbies, do what you love, play some good music and burn natural incense sticks like yagna incense. Your stress will go away for sure.


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      Stress is such a general word... What kind of stress are you experiencing?
      The thing I've learned about stress is that it is around us, in our environment, at all times. The problem comes when we identify with it and think we have to do something about it.
      Keeping yourself above the frequency of stress-- by doing things that make you happy, having fun, singing, being around loved ones, spending time in nature, playing with your pets, listening to good music, dancing, whatever floats your boat... These will make you immune to stress.
      Also, it's important to sleep enough at night, and take moments to relax during the day. I think in this day and age this should be the absolute priority. So many of us are feeling stressed because we are just exhausted.


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        Hello Sukanya

        Stress is natural, but one can remove it by using traditional methods like oil treatment.
        Anointing Oil is an essential element in the Jewish root, which now use in health and healing.
        So you can apply it on head and get relief from stress. It is available for the online sale; you can order it online too.


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          Stress is also about perspective. If you are standing next to a railroad track and a train is going by and you are trying to catch every word written on the train, you will be stressed. If you step back, way back, like several hundred meters, and you stop trying to catch every word on the train, then your stress level will be much less. Let your relationship with life be like this; step back and don't take it too seriously.

          Also, anything that will strengthen your nerves would be helpful.

          Also, a healthy lifestyle is just that. It is not a pill, it is a lifestyle, and that does NOT include doing things or jobs that are stressful. Usually we are under stress because we allow our desires to get ahead of our budgets. Desire less and expect less and your stress levels will be less.


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            Hi, to get free from stress just follow yoga such as parnayam and meditation for 30 daily in the morning.. You can find the result in 1 week..


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              Shirodhara Stress Treatment is the best way to reduce stress. It improves functioning of the 5 senses and it is also very effective for blood pressure and stress.


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