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Dosha imbalance questions

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  • Dosha imbalance questions

    Hello everyone!

    I've just recently started to get to know Ayurveda, and there are some things that confuse me.
    My dosha type is Vata.

    I have difficulty understanding what it means if my doshas are not balanced. For instance - if my dosha type is Vata, do I need to do things that enhance or calm Vata? My guess would be that I have to do and eat things to calm it, because Vata is higher than the other two doshas?

    What about the other two doshas? How do I figure out if my Pitta or Kapha are too low or too high? I know what the signs of imbalance are, but those signs don't give me any idea of if I should work on enhancing or calming the unbalanced doshas? This question especially confuses me.

    Thank you for helping me with my understanding of ayurveda! I intend to slowly incorporate it in my life, and I'm looking forward to learning about it more!

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    We have an entire page dedicated to the Vata Dosha on our webpage here:

    It discusses the imbalances possible and the symptoms that will let you know you have them as well as how you can handle it. Welcome to Ayurveda =)


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      Hope I am able to answer your question

      supposing there is circle of health. The radius of the circle is 5 cm, and 3 lines enclosed in the cirle meet inside the circle - Vata, pitta and kapha, but the length of each is different - V is 7, P is 3 and kahpa is 3 so your are still inbalanced but in the circle of health so you stay healthy, but if one or more lines extend beyond the circle you fall sick, you have vata prakriti, that means vata is more prone to cause diseases and go out of order in you as compared to other dosha. also it implies that even if the disease is caused by other doshas, vata will easily get involved.

      Thanks for reading

      Dr Kanika Verma
      Ayurveda Consultant


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        Actually, I knew a website that deals on Ayurveda - It can provide you the information that you may need to know especially about the Dosha.


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          Confusion is a symptom of excess vata!


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