I would like to know, if its ok to mix karela juice with carrot or beat or water melon juice or any sweet juice ?
Or mixing bitter melon juice with any sweet juice takes away good traits of bitter melon and produces harmful results ?
I am recently diagnosed with diabetes. I think bitter melon can help me with reducing sugar from body. I hate to eat bitter melon, but now want to start eating it. Before I start taking it alone, I need a way to put it in my mouth. Is it even OK to put sugar in it (I understand it kills whole purpose of reducing sugar by eating sugar. But I need to start at some point)

I had some fungal infection on my skin before. An ayurvedic doctor from Nadiad (Gujarat) ayurvedic college prescribed me Kwath (I dont know english name or any other name for this medicine). I had to boil it in water and drink water. It was so smelly that I developed allergy to it and even its smell can cause me vomiting. Even at this time, when I remember its smell, my face is showing disgust. Actually it was a good medicine and showing some result. But it was beyond my tolerance. My friend's mother had same issue. So ayurved has good medicine, but there is no way to consume it.

I would like to start this medicine again. So please guide me how to take karela juice and kwath.