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How to quit smoking the ayurvedic way ?

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  • How to quit smoking the ayurvedic way ?

    Is there any ayurvedic way to help a habitual smoker quit smoking?

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    Conscious smoking

    Originally posted by sam View Post
    Is there any ayurvedic way to help a habitual smoker quit smoking?
    Ayurveda is all about being concious; so Deepak Chopra recommends smoking consciously-- really feeling the body as you smoke, feeling all the sensations. Gradually, you will want to smoke less.
    To me this sounds like a much more effective (if slower) method than the usual advice, which is to quit cold turkey and then rely on mental motivation which, as we know, waxes and wanes.
    Check out this short video from Deepak and this article from David Simon.
    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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      It is one of the worst thing which kids and adults do. Every year thousands of people die due to smoking. So please quit smoking for the sack of your health. Ayurveda is nice place for discussing it. Balance diet, proper workout and healthy environment are good for quieting it.


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        natural therapy to quit smoking

        Idk about any ayurvedic therapies, but there are resonant homeopathic remedies that contain nicotine sarcodes, to satiate your cravings, and create a distaste for tobacco. You could also take some adjunct formulations to help your lungs recoup from degenerative changes that long-term smoking inevitably causes.

        I am currently trying to quit again and I am using C-8 Anti-smoking formula, and have been clean for about 3 weeks now.

        Check out for more detailed info...

        Also, the herb "Ashwagandha" (Withania Somnifera) improves respiration and opens up the lungs. I take it when my smoky lungs feel weak and collapsed. It has helped me tremendously in repairing lung damage and improving stamina.

        Wish you all the best in your recovery, quitting cigarettes is the best thing I've ever done for myself.
        All it really takes is hard determination and remembering that you are the Master of your own Will.


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          I havent quit smoking yet but found this really good article I wanted to share from Dr. Jyotsna about quitting cigarettes the ayurvedic way here it is:

          Ayurvedic treatment does not rely on one particular method for quitting smoking. It incorporates many methods and ensures that the person is able to get rid of smoking in a natural way. This treatment not only helps to quit smoking but also helps to cure the areas of the body affected by smoking, by natural means. Other schools of treatment also work on the same principles but their delivery is on an artificial basis.

          One of the ayurveda ways for smoking cessation is smoking itself, called dhumapana or medicinal smoking. The inhaled smoke contains very minute dispersed particles of medicine, which are burnt. This penetrating hot smoke increases one’s pitta, antagonises his kapha and has a cleansing action on the air passages. The aggravated doshas, especially the kapha, seated in the nose, throat and chest, are subsided with dhumapana.

          6 Dietary Recommendations
          Along with medicinal smoking, smokers are advised a (probable) change in their diet.

          1. A low fat, vegetarian diet helps increase the sattvic quality of the mind as all fresh foods contain prana, which increases ojas.

          2. The smoking cessation diet predominantly contains milk, ghee, fruits and vegetables.
          Alcohol, coffee and sugar are a no-no during the initial week of quitting, as these stimulants provide a desire for cigarettes.

          3. Fatty foods are also best avoided. Nicotine which was slowing down your metabolism is absent now, which means that even if you eat at the same rate that you did before quitting, you will put on weight.

          4. Low calorie foods like apples, carrots and celery are advised for hunger nibbles.

          Detoxification Tips
          Several herbal combinations are available, which, if used judiciously, not only reduce the craving for cigarettes, but also control withdrawal symptoms, increase appetite, and create a sense of well-being. Depending upon the severity of addiction, smoking cessation treatment time ranges from one to six months. Some patients may require several short term courses of medicines. Those with a strong motivation to get rid of their addiction get the best longterm results.

          1.Drinking lots of water kept in a copper container helps scrape toxic deposits in the body.

          2.The deposits of tar, nicotine and toxic compounds found in the body can be eliminated using one or three tablespoons of triphala every night before retiring.

          3.Toning herbs like ashwagandha, bala, ginseng and shatavari are helpful in detoxification.

          4.Chewing gum or sucking on cinnamon sticks when having a craving for cigarettes is effective.

          5.Regular professional counselling, being in good company and being busy and involved in fruitful and interesting work are also advised.

          Cessation Yoga
          Adding exercise to your smoking cessation plan makes it easier to quit smoking. It helps to avoid gaining eight when quitting smoking, and also provides other benefits like stress reduction. Yoga helps relax the body and its exercise incorporates stretching in the body while increasing strength and vitality.

          If a person still smokes (the nicotine one, this time) on the sly while in this ayurvedic cessation treatment, his complaints will become dreadfully aggravated than before starting the treatment. Those who really want to kick the (cigarette) butt get the best of this treatment.

          Medicines to treat associated problems
          1. To stop cigarette cravings: Keep a mixture of sitopaladi powder, amalaki, ginger and turmeric in the mouth and suck.

          2. Addiction treatment: sunthi, chitrak, kutki, brahmi, jatamansi, shankhpushpi

          3.Chronic constipation: Gandharva haritaki

          4 Sleep problems: A decoction of jatamansi or dhamasa

          5.Dental problems from tobacco usage: medicated, herbal dental creams and powders

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            Thanks Sam for this post. It is really a great information that you shared. With natural herbs and diet food we can get rid from this kind of bad habit. There is a treatment of smoking and people use herbs and a ayurvedic way to stop this bad habit.
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              Very good advices are given here. Also it is good to first consider the prakriti (constitution) of the smoker and duration of being a smoker. Also if any other complications or diseases are accompanied with smoking. However general good practices always help. Please also try to see some good physician near you. Joining a group of non smokers also helps. However I will not suggest joining group of people trying to quit because if one failed person can drain the will power of other people.

              Dr Kanika Verma
              Ayurveda Consultant


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