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How to avoid cold and flu during winter ?

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  • How to avoid cold and flu during winter ?

    Hello all,

    I see a lot of colleagues getting sick with cold, sore throat, runny nose.

    Do you have any tips to stay away from cold/flu in Ayurveda ?

    Thanks so much

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    To prevent cold and flu during winter one has to boost immunity. Follow these steps to keep diseases at bay during winter

    1 Always drink warm water. Warm water increases body temperature. Usually cold and cough causing microbes attck when body temperature dips.

    2. Wear warm cloths.

    3. say no to cool drinks and icecreams.

    4. Avoid foods which cause indigestion (indigestion lowers body immunity)

    5. Consume lots of amla or Indian gooseberries which are store houses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C naturaly boosts resistance to common cold.

    6. Use warm water for bathing and washing face.

    7.Exercise well. This increases blood circulation.

    8. Do not get stressed. Stress lowers body immunity. Practice Yoga and Meditation to reduce stress level
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      I agree with everything savitha recommends. Here's a good article with more tips. Basically to avoid falling ill, you have to keep your vata in check. That means stay warm, grounded, calm, relaxed, hydrated. Avoid everything that is cold, dry, agitated, stressful, mentally agitating (like spending too much time in front of the computer screen!).


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        Excellent pointers, Savitha. Also, Herbs that Boost immune strength - Garlic, sage, Cochlearia Armoracia, St John's Wort,
        and high Vit C and anti-oxidant foods such as Amla (googeberry), Citrus fruits (oranges, sweet lime, etc). Dietary Supplements that enhance immune strength such as Reginmune, twice a day keeps your immune health robust and unshakable during winter months when there is higher incidence of viral diseases being spread.


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          for those unfortunate ones that have caught the flu and are horriibly tossed down, my favourite remedy is Hot Toddy (A traditional Scottish remedy, that is guarunteed to knock your cold back in a day). It goes something like this;
          1. Half a cup of steaming hot black tea
          2. 1 teaspoon lemon juice
          3. 1 teaspoon honey
          4. 1 portion Scotch (Or Brandy)

          (Preferably before bedtime..


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