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Chronic dry cough for 2-3 times a day from 2 months : Child of age 5

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  • Chronic dry cough for 2-3 times a day from 2 months : Child of age 5

    My son aged 5 years is having dry cough for past 2 months. We notice it generally starting at around 3.40 or 4 PM. Generally he is having lunch at 1.30 PM. We also see it aggravating sometimes in the evening, and continous cough until he gets sleep. He sleeps at around 8.30 or 9 PM on regular day. Generally he is fine once he gets sleep. Sometime he also gets it morning at around 6.30 - 7 AM and gets up becuase of that. We dont see any issues after his breakfast until 3.30-4 PM generally, but sometimes it is throughout day, but not continuous. No wheezing or breathing problems. It also appears to be aggravating if he is given acidic food. We dont have any travel history and in green zone. Unlikely that it is COVID. We also stayed at home strictly throughout lockdown except for essential grocery, that too many times ordered over phone and just picked up after packing with social distancing. It comes down many times on its own or sometimes we give Yasti madhu choorna. Sometimes when it is sever , he vomits and vomit contains mucus. His nose is clear, not having cold. He eats vegetarian food. Anybody can suggest what could be causing this? We are unable to get it diagnosed since visiting hospital needs first COVID test to be done. These days you will get infected with COVID if you go for test, even if you dont have it. So just trying to find what could be the cause for this cough. Note that he was also having cough from Almost june to march, various forms of cough - generally wet cough. We used to give Ayurvedic medicines based on doctor advice, including Yasti madhu choorna and sitophaladi. But it stopped in March. Then this started in middle of April. Now doctors deny consultation without COVID test.

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    I think you need to think positive and go to for a covid test. Do not fear, everything will be fine. But if you late this test then it can be difficult for you in the later time.


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