Hello everyone,

My first time here and Iím afraid Iím going to start with a question... Iíve always been Vata - Pitta and my Ayurvedic practitioners (I saw two in the last 15 years, the last one for about 4 years) have been treating me accordingly. First one gave me guggul and ashwagandha, the second was a fan of Ayushakti products, which are great but I feel too global.

So I have been treating myself in the last 3-4 months: ashwagandha, shatavari, triphala and, just of late, guggul. Problem is, Iíve suddenly entered menopause and it looks and feels like my bodyís turned completely stagnant in its toxicity. I suddenly have belly fat and constant bloating, as well as a very bad case of cellulite on my thighs and arms, Iím constipated, my skin is dry and saggy. Iíve literally aged 20 years, seemingly overnight. Emotionally, there is an underlying dread of the void, which I try to be nice to and let it play out - until it overwhelms the crap out of me (well, not quite; I wish!) and I run to cigarettes, again (something Iím addressing with homeopathy).

Iíve been reading about manjistha, and how great itís supposed to be at moving things on, especially when it comes to a lymphatic system. However, it is also meant to aggravate Vata, and although I donít wish to aggravate anything, Iím also wondering if a little bit of well meaning ama-aggravation isnít exactly what my body needs right now...

Thank you for reading. Any thoughts, experiences and suggestions you may like to share would be greatly appreciated.