Hi all,
my mother who is 63 today suffers from COPD. She coughs mucus every morning and she has lost weight, suffers from fever.
She is unable to walk straight and cannot sleep straight. for the past year the symptoms have become acute.
Few days back she coughed so much blood that our bathroom, washbasin and floor outside was completely covered in blood.

Unfortunately my knowledge of Ayurveda is non existent. I tried to give her mixture of honey+tulsi+ginger every morning.
It helped the cough but had a serious side effect, due to the mucus not coming out, it made her breathing impossible and increased her fever so much that she could not move.

Any help will be much appreciated, I can upload chest xray if you want.
I am from Lucknow, and I am afraid that things are beyond any help now and she has only few months at best left.

Sorry if I sound disjoint but it is hard to see her suffer.