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Looking for a specific Indian herb for hair care

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  • Looking for a specific Indian herb for hair care

    Some time ago I bought Hesh Henaara shampoo in powder, containing many Indian herbs. It worked wonderfully, but when I bought it for the second time, it didn't have such an effect. Also, the smell was much less intensive, therefore I suppose that there was some ingredient present in the first package but absent in the second one. I've tried to find it by buying different Indian herbs separately, but none of them had such an impressive effect. Could anyone of you suggest what it can be? Below I describe the effects of the herb on my hair and the species of herbs that I have tried and which hadn't such an effect.

    Naturally, my hair is oily, thin, straight and flat.

    Effects of the herb:
    - my hair got much thicker
    - it also got somehow stiff and dry, but I liked it
    - it darkened my hair
    - the side effect was that it made my skin dry and black
    - it had a very intensive smell - I'm not able to describe it, my mother called it "incense" (but I don't know whether it was really incense)

    The herbs that I tried (and I'm sure they are not what I'm looking for):
    - aritha
    - shikakai
    - amla
    - maka
    - mehandi
    - kalpi tone
    - chandan
    - Indigofera Tinctoria
    - neem

    I'm looking forward to your suggestions.

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    Ath Sukesham is a very effective Natural remedy for Hair growth that can resolve Hair fall, Grey hair and Thin Hair
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      Dear Amenda,

      The list that you have provided in your forum is quite simple and I may say that you could find all these herbs very easily online. There are other few things that we can be added into these material to make it effective. We are not working in hair-care field but we have very effective herbal powders that would be quite good for your hair if you consume it with your haire-care oil. We are an online herbal store for Ayurvedic medicines and herbs. I can send you all those herbs via courier with the exact specifications. But you may have to add all ingredients by yourselves as we don't make oils. I can also send you few more herbs to add into the mixture that would be very effective on your hair health/growth. If you are interested please mail us at [email protected] or visit our website:


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        Originally posted by ayuronics View Post
        The list that you have provided in your forum is quite simple and I may say that you could find all these herbs very easily online.
        I am NOT looking for the herbs that are on the list. I am looking for a herb whose name I don't know and whose properties I have described in my post. And I have checked that it is NOT any herb on the list I provided. All of them are somehow beneficial for hair, but not as much as the herb I used some time ago but whose name I don't know. Any suggestions what it may be?


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