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Back Pain

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  • Back Pain

    I am 24 and working for an agency. My task is to operate on a system for almost nine hours. I would not call it a serious disease but generally, due to modern lifestyle, people complain about Back Pain quite often and I am also suffering from the same. My shoulders and neck also had a severe pain. What can be the reason and how it can be treated?
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    Hello, As i have red your back pain problem... so I have some reason for back pain and some treatments also....
    Backache is most commonly seen in any stage of life including children also.The reason behind that back pain is our sedentary life style and un proper diet. Stress factor also elevate the back pain. Multiple physical factors like heavy weight lifting also gives rise to origin to back pain.It is a symptom and not a disease whose cause lies elsewhere in the body.

    Lower back pain may be associated any abnormitity of lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, abdomen and internal organs present in that reason like kidney etc

    Spine massage-Massage of back done in special manner by therapist by using medicated oil.

    Katiswedan-Nadisweda by dashmool kwath is very effective.Lavan sweda also gives a fantastic result in backpain.

    Kati Basti ľA pool like structure is made with black gram floor at back region.then pouring of warm oil is done for particular period of time .Before that local massage of back is done. When cool, the oil is soaked up using cotton gauze and the process is repeated several times. For this purpose oils like mahanarayana,dhanwantaram,bala etc can be used.
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          4 Ayurvedic Treatments For Sciatica And Lower Back Pain. 4 Natural Treatments For Sciatica And Lower Back Pain. Kati Basti. Kati Basti is a treatment of the lower back, unique to Ayurveda. Massage And Steam Therapy. A traditional Ayurvedic full body massage (Abhyanga) helps to relieve tension in the muscles


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