I am having my kundalini awakened, This led to many problems and
sensitivity for treatments/herbs in the past. And too much energy.
What I dont want is stoke up the kundalini .
So I would like to ask you this

1. Having feet problems wich looks like neuropathy , very red spots (especcially ball and toes)
,painfull feet, with cramp, prickels, burning feeling.
Wich oil could be of use to treat the feet. Wich herbs ?

(complaint partly due to extensive walking in very hot boots)

2. Also I would like to know wich oil is best for calming the nervous system.
Here also , I wonder if oil treatment is good, because of sensitivity of the
whole system. Is sesam oil good, and wont this stoke up the energy to much.
This is not want I want.

3. Is there perhaps a medicinale oil wich could of benefit,

4. Other ideas ? On medicine or herbs anything

An ayurveda man I met, said that my vata air energy was to high.

Hope hearing from you soon.