Please Excuse me for my English!

I am 24 and since past 3 years, i feel i like i am having memory problems. I find it very difficult for me to recall things that i would easily do earlier. I am not sure, but, "MAYBE" this is because of watching too many tv shows. I would finish up seasons within a week and i have done watching almost all tv shows on netflix and other channels for past two and half years. As this really troubled me alot in everything, my exams, & at my office place, i switched to few organic herbs, fruits, and other natural food items. Being an Indian we don't really visit doctors unless it is much required. For us, our parents and grandparents are our first doctors. They treat with available natural medicinal plants, herbs or extracts. Like for eg : For cough they'll give us a mixture of honey and turmeric and most of the time it works. (This is India) Similarly, for my memory thing my grandma told me to visit a local ayurvedic store and asked me to find few extracts if i could. I luckily found it, it is known as "Shankpushpi" . I've been using it since 6 months now and i am doing fine My grandma says, Ayurvedic or natural medicines cures you from the root and that is why it takes time to fully recover, where as chemical drugs gives you instant relief but adds side effect to it.

My mom didn't knew about my memory thing, otherwise she would blame me for watching tv shows. But now that i told her she is happy about it

All thanks to my grandma :") And our ancient medicines :")

For every disease there is a plant or natural medicines or extracts available. Be it Obesity,Stress,Inflammation, Diabetes or whatever.
They can be availed at your local store(if you are from India), not sure about other countries but this site will help :