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what are best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss?

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  • what are best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss?

    what are best ayurvedic treatment for hair loss?
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    Hi cure your hair,

    If you are suffering from hair fall and use rasayan churna, muktabh yog (as calcium supplement) and bhringraj (or false daisy) then within a period of one month 99% of the patients get 50-70 % relief. In next one month, they get complete relief from hair fall and in the third month the hairs start re-growth which includes improvement in texture. Also, use of bhringraj (or false daisy) provides color to the gray hair. So, this actually happens and even the graying of hairs can be stopped. But then the patient should have patience. Every problem has a remedy but the actual cause has to be ascertained and resolved thereafter. It needs to be found out that whether the hair fall is due to dandruff, lack of nourishment, or fungal infection, or use of chemicals, or alopecia totalis, or alopecia areata. Sometimes, we see that the hair loss happens in a very small region. This is termed as alopecia areata, which is a form of fungal infection. Thus, if you adopt natural remedies, then hair fall is not such a big problem which cannot be dealt with and resolved.
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      You are suffering from hair fall .we provide ayurvedic treatment for hair fall for details VISIT US- Thank You.


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        There are many ways to reduce hair loss.Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial for hair loss. We provide ayurvedic treatment in India.visit us


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          You can get the best Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss with oil and massage solutions based on herbal remedies. You can redue hair loss problem by using ayurvedi treatment.


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            Hi, You can use the Amla Hair oil for hair loss.
            Amla oil has the ability to improve the strength of the hair, prevent hair loss, remove dandruff, decrease oxidative stress, protect against chronic disease etc.

            Amla hair oil of Sheetal Herbal is very pure as they are the herbal products manufacturers in india.(


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              Arogyam hair care kit is very effective product. AROGYAM PURE HERBS HAIR-CARE KIT. This kit is clinically tested before its introduction in the market. These herbs stop hair fall, regrow the hair and make hair thicker and healthy.


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