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New Ayurvedic tool for practitioners and beginners

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  • New Ayurvedic tool for practitioners and beginners

    VedaPulseŽ - your objective support in making the right decision!

    VedaPulseŽ is an innovative hardware and software system helping Ayurvedic practitioners objectively analyze balance of Doshas and Subdoshas, Agni Dhatu, balance of Pancha Maha Bhutas, functional state of organs and body systems. On top of it, the VedaPulseŽ offers personalized recommendations on a vast choice of modalities like herbal therapy, aromatherapy, lifestyle (Dinacharya), diet, marma therapy, physiotherapy, Rakta Mokshana according to the results of the assessment and principles of Dravyaguna (rasa, guna, virya, vipak, doshagnata, roga, prabhava).

    VedaPulseŽ is beneficial for practitioners of different levels

    Early career
    VedaPulseŽ will help you to:
    • determine physiological component of Vikruti (pathological condition of Doshas);
    • carry out an objective analysis of functional state of main body organs and systems- Pulse of Organs and energy state of chakras;
    • create automated personalized recommendations on herbal, aroma and nutrition therapy, lifestyle;
    • instantly incorporate into practice new modalities of traditional medicine, which have been previously involving you into a long-term study process;
    • support decisions made towards the health of a patient.
    Experienced practitioners
    VedaPulseŽ will help you to:
    • Objectively evaluate characteristics of pulse for a certain Vikruti type (Gati, Vega, Tala, Bala, Tapamana);
    • Evaluate the intensity of digestive fire (Jataragni);
    • Quantitatively evaluate Subdoshas (regulation systems) state for pathogenesis analysis of diseases (Samprapti);
    • Evaluate the level of metabolic fire in tissues (Agni dhatu) to understand the location of Ama;
    • Determine the balance of main elements according to Pancha Maha Bhut theory to form the right therapeutic approach;
    • Create personified recommendations on herbal, aroma, nutrition and marma therapy;
    • Control the rehabilitation process via Telemetry by using the VedaPulseŽ Home system.
    Why VedaPulseŽ is an all-in-one solution?

    VedaPulseŽ offers 28 expert software modules for professional work of practitioners of different holistic healing modalities, including Ayurveda.
    It supports the decisions that you make while assessing your client and ensures better options for life. Take out the guesswork out of choosing the right approaches!

    For more information: you can visit our website: or you can drop me an email: [email protected]

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