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Gabha Ayurved Bhavan

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  • Gabha Ayurved Bhavan

    Gabha Ayurved Bhavan was founded by Lt. Dr. Jatindranath Ghosh Dastidar before Indian Independence in Tezpur Assam.

    He became renowned in Tezpur and vicinity as “Gabha Doctor” by his sheer knowledge on medicinal plants and Late Jatindra Nath Ghosh Dastidarit’s applications in different ailments depending upon his knowledge and driven by passion for medicinal plants. In the course of time they we proved very effective and became popular in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and in some parts of North Bengal. He passed on the mantle to his elder son Deepak Ghosh Dastidar, who carried on the responsibility successfully over the subsequent periods.

    In a thrive to give momentum to the age old Gabha Ayurved Bhavan in a modern world, a new initiative have been taken to reintroduce the effective and popular Ayurvedic medicines of GAB in accordance with the common diseases and problems of the modern populace

    To give proper momentum to the age-old “Gabha Ayurved Bhavan” in modern world , a new initiative have been taken to reintroduce the effective and popular Ayurvedic medicines of G.A.B in accordance with the common diseases and problems of the modern populace.

    The History of “GABHA’S HERBYTONE ” can be traced back for a long period of 65 years and during this period it has earned popularity in N.E of India and in some parts of Bengal in the locally popular name of “Baat Vijay Salsa ” along with many other popular Ayurvedic products of “Gabha Ayurved Bhavan ”. As Gabha’s herbytone is the ‘ old wine in a new bottle ’, I Sanjay Ghosh Dastidar the youngest son of famous “Gabha Doctor ” is obliged to present that tested and trusted medicine of “G.A.B” to the ailing humanity by preparing it in a modern plant using latest technology to keep its medicinal value and its effectivity intact.

    Products from the house of Gabha Ayurved Bhavan

    Gabha's Herbytone™
    Gabha's Herbyzyme™
    Gabha's Herbyfit™
    Gabha's Herby Tea™
    Gabha's Herbydent™
    Gabha's Gynotone™
    Gabha's Musli-Vita™
    Gabha's N-Cephatone™
    Gabha's Herby Kof™
    Gabha's Lal Danto-Bandhu™
    Gabha's Paintreat™
    Gabha's Nonivita™
    Gabha's Aloevita™
    Gabha's Hair O Care™
    Gabha's ADE Vitamin Baby message Oil™

    Services from Gabha Ayurved Bhavan

    Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Clinic
    Panchkarma Facilities:-
    Whole Body Massage ( )
    Steam Bath
    Vaman (vamana)
    Virechan (ivarocana)
    Basti (baist)
    Raktmokshan ([email protected])
    Nasya (nasya)
    Shirodhara (iSaraoQaara)
    Shirobasti (iSaraobaist)
    Lepan (laopna)
    Karnapooran (kNa-pUrNa)
    Akshitarpan (Aixatp-Na)
    Uttarbasti (]%trbaist)٭
    Pindasweda (ipNDsvaod)
    Agnikarma (Aignakma-)

    Gabha Laboratory cum Free Consultancy Clinic center at Tezpur, Assam

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