Birla Ayurveda makes inroads in Chembur with its exclusive centre
Mumbai, National, June 2019: A world of authentic and traditional Ayurveda is reaching next door to Chembur residents. Birla Ayurveda, a chain of wellness and treatment centres – masters the enchant Kerala therapies to provide bliss, relaxation and cure. Located in the heart of Chembur, the centre is laid out in the signature Birla Ayurveda style. It is the only Ayurveda Healthcare provider in the vicinity. Every detail of the centre has been thoughtfully designed & detailed to perfection, to ensure guests receive a totally fulfilling & relaxing experience like no other.
Ayurveda which is an age-old system of natural healing is becoming popular and showing great results. The new treatment centre of Birla Ayurveda is well equipped with the required amenities and assessment of professional Ayurveda doctors. In fact, the medicinal oils and herbs used for the Ayurvedic therapies are bought exclusively from Kerala. Birla Ayurveda is best known for effectively treating ailments such as chronic arthritis, sinusitis, migraine, slip disc, lumbar spondylitis, sciatica, stress, obesity, and asthma, as well as neuromuscular and skin related disorders.
This authentic spa offers an exhilarating brand experience through its array of Ayurvedic therapies namely Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Kashaya Dhara, Ubtan amongst the others. To make your experience more memorable enjoy an opening offer for Silver (Approx. 20-30%) and Gold (Approx. 15-20%) membership for Abhyangam and Shirodhara.
“We greatly value the opinion of all of our patrons, and always push the boundaries to set new standards for the industry to continue to ensure that Birla Ayurveda is a good experience for all always. Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditions of our civilization. Even today it is used for its therapeutic values the world over. We are extremely happy launch of a new franchise in Chembur.” Mr. Ashish Thakur, Business Head.
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