Ayurvedic treatments are holistic, these treatments heal the mind, body and soul. Ayurveda provides holistic health treatment. There are many Ayurvedic centres and resorts that propagate These are effective in curing many diseases. There are many Ayurvedic centres and resorts that provide holistic Ayurvedic treatments. Such treatments include detoxification and treatments for rejuvenation. Holistic health treatments are available in Godís own country. Ayurveda is the source of health, it consists of many beneficial health practises. These health treatments improve the health conditions of many. Holistic health treatments are predominant in Ayurveda. Tourists from various parts of the world seek Ayurvedic treatments to improve their health. These treatments are affordable and effective. Moreover, these treatments are holistic providing cure for mind, body and soul. There are many Ayurvedic resorts that rejuvenate the body. Holistic health treatments are effective against many of the illnesses of the contemporary era. These treatments mitigate the effects of stress and strain in the contemporary lives. Many of these treatments are administered by qualified Ayurvedic physicians. There are also massages with herbal decoctions conducted by trained masseurs. The adverse effects on the body or mind can easily be reversed using Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is renowned in various parts of the world because of its unique healing properties. It has been increasing popularity among the elder generation and even younger generation. There are many young couples interested in rejuvenation and detoxification. These treatments are excellent and revitalise their energy.