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Is Christianity against practicing alternative medicine, specifically Ayurveda?

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  • Is Christianity against practicing alternative medicine, specifically Ayurveda?

    I have been interested in Ayurveda for quite some while and I would like to try it out but I wanted to know is it OK for a Christian to practice Ayurveda?

    Also since there are many people that will answer my question without knowing what Ayurveda is even though I asked them not to here is a very brief explanation:
    Ayurveda is an Indian healing system. The term means "the knowledge about body, mind, senses and soul.

    Otherwise I got questions such as: "Is it witch craft?" -.-

    Thanks in advance!

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    I really don't see why Christianity would be more in favor of allopathic remedies than alternative ones. To my knowledge there's nothing in the Bible that says we should take pills and have surgery instead of preventing disease by staying healthy and balanced.
    That said, one objection Christians may have (which I think it completely unfounded) is that because Ayurveda comes from India, and India is largely a Hindu country, there are elements that are linked with Hinduism. For example, the use of Sanskrit terminology and the practice of yoga.
    That said, the way Ayurveda is commonly practiced nowadays in the West, it's basically just taking powders and oils that are made from plants. I don't know how anybody would object to that.


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      I don't think so.


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        There is no religion in ayurveda. And the ayurveda which is practiced in western countries is not real ayurveda. What they doing is mixopathy of ayurveda and Naturopathy.

        To see real ayurveda you have to come to Kerala (Indian State). Still even in kerala there are business minded who spoils the name of ayurveda. I dont know from where you got the similarity to witch craft. Ayurveda is not that. There is pure science in ayurveda. It is more than what i can explain in few sentences.
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          Exactly, There is no religion in Ayurveda. who ever wants to Ayurvedic treatment they do practice


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