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Root Cause Philosophy

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  • Root Cause Philosophy

    Root Cause Philosophy

    Our diet can be classified in to two types viz. digestible and indigestible.

    This food is digested due to the digestive juices in the stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas and digested nutrients are formed. Solid form of the undigested part of the food is excreted from the body in the form of fecus. The water soluble substances which are not required by the body are carried by the blood into the kidneys where they are filtered by the kidneys and are passed out of the body as urine. Remaining blood goes back to the heart and is carried to the lungs which get oxygenated there, and this oxygenated blood is supplied to all parts of the body.

    The digested nutrients nourish the body constituents like muscles, bones nerves and reproductive tissues etc.through the blood.

    Now, this process continues only until there is a complete digestion of the food we eat. Any incomplete or partial digestion gives rise to formation of toxins.

    The quantity of the defective waste products to which we call as toxins in the digested food increases due to lifestyle problems like irregular timings of meals, over eating, fast food, junk food, fried-spicy food, sedentary lifestyle OR due to defect in the digestive system. These toxins are circulated all over the body through the blood which causes malfunctioning of the body systems.

    For example, When these toxins gets accumulated on the inner walls of the blood vessels of the heart and narrow them, it is called Heart Disease.

    According to Ayurveda these toxins hamper the production of the blood,muscles, essential fats, nerves and reproductive tissues and causes the skin diseases, weakness of muscles, obesity, joint pain, nerve disorders, sexual disorders, respectively.

    Sharangdhar trisutri(the 3 principles) to treat the root cause are as follows.

    1) To stop the formation of toxin

    2) Evacuation of excess toxin

    3) Strengthen the organ

    Thus, like the 3 armed forces viz. Army, Navy and Airforce can help safeguard biggest of big nations, these three forces will safeguard your health and eliminate any intruding disease or disorder from its root!

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    What the western nutrition books are missing

    I really enjoyed this thread and classification between digestible and indigestible- i wonder how much of our body element affects the digestibility or not?
    I was looking at a bunch of western- mostly American- books on Nutrition and they really miss this part of body compositions. It is sad


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