Exploring Blissful Kerala

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The delightful backwaters, the extravagant houseboats, natural beauty, the fascinating beaches, singular boat races, and the gurgling waterfalls, have entitled Kerala to be called as [B]“God’s Own Country”[/B]. Situated in the southwest region of India, Kerala celebrates its success in being one of the most preferred holiday destinations, for the tourists. The striking spots of Kerala along with amazing hospitality make ‘staying at Kerala’, an experience for a lifetime. You can enjoy the best of kerala with [B][URL="http://www.travelshanti.com/packages/rejuvenation/india/spa-trip/kerala-backwaters-tour-package-kumarakom"]Kerala Tour Vacation packages[/URL][/B].
The calm sail on backwaters in an extravagant houseboat, or simple a canoe bestows a balmy experience to its Kerala visitors. The dedicated services in house boat along with the sailing experience on the fresh river waters, keeps the visitors engaged with the serene environment of Kerala. The surrounding green lush palms extend tranquility and the coconut water served in the closes proximity of nature, allows the visitors to taste the bliss. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the most prominent places to book a house boat or canoe, in Kerala.
[B]Beaches of Kerala [/B]are yet another feature, which captivate the tourists each summer. A clear sky, the shining sun, the golden beaches and a crispy sea, welcome visitors from almost every corner of the globe. The gushing sea of Kovalam, on the other hand, invites the visitors to enjoy water sports, while the Alappuzha beach offers the sublime sight of the stunning lagoons.
[B][URL="http://www.travelshanti.com/packages/rejuvenation/india/ayurveda/ayurveda-in-kerala"]Ayurveda treatment in Kerala [/URL][/B]is world renowned for its traditional techniques and use of various herbs, used while treating the visitors. The Ayurveda treatments are dedicated to rejuvenate the mind and body of the individuals through various traditional treatments. These rejuvenating treatments remove toxins from the body, increase blood circulation and improves general well-being. Abhyamgam, Kayakalp Chikitsha and Sweda karma, are some few famous Ayurveda treatments popularly taken up by the tourist visiting Kerala Ayurveda centers. However, Kerala Ayurveda from Delhi, offers all the visitors, a unique way to enjoy the same treatment without an extended journey.
The Snake boat race organized during the festive season of Onam, attracts local residents as well tourists from various parts of India and other countries. Visitors can also witness the 100 feet canoes with a hundred oarsmen competing with 8 to 10 similar canoes to attain the top position. Most of the canoes represent their own villages and represent each village symbolically. Rhythmic chanting by mentors, and the drumming by supporters, keeps the whole ambience of this wholesome event charged.
Moreover, almost 78 kilometers away from Cochin, the gurgling water falls are also very popular among tourists. The Athirappally and the Vazhachal waterfall also contribute equally, by mesmerizing their visitors with their gigantic thud. The 80 feet direct fall of water is enough to stun the visitors for moments. Surrounded with greenery and chaotic water falls, it is a perfect place to enjoy picnic with the loved ones.
If you love the zesty smell of spices and wish to feel the aromatic tea, then Kerala is just the right pace to be at. Among the thick woods you will find the stretched tea plants in Munnar, Grampi and Vilangakunnu, while Vayand, Attappadi and Siruvani abundantly grow various species and are worth a visit.
The People of Kerala are simple, god fearing, mostly educated, and love their guests from the core of their heart
So come, and enjoy the blissful Kerala!


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