Discover top 5 health benefits of alfalfa

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Alfalfa is regarded as one of the most nutritious plants in the world, just like its title “father of all foods” which comes from Arabic name “al-fac-facah”. Alfalfa was originally cultivated in some regions in south – Central Asia, but it has become popular in the world and can be found in Europe under the name of lucerne. Its health benefits are recognized due to the impressive level of nutrients and versatility. Despite the fact that alfalfa is a tiny plant, it associates with a huge source of benefits, including prevent heart disease, improve digest system, lower cholesterol, detoxify body and stimulate healing wounds. Although alfalfa is generally used to feed livestock and animals, but its high nutritional content makes one part of it become human food. You can add alfalfa to your sandwiches or salads for more flavors and enjoying its health benefits.
Let’s start discovering the miracles inside alfalfa with some of the most prominent ones below:

1. Heart protection
Potassium and iron in alfalfa are very beneficial for preventing heart disease. Potassium is able to lower blood pressure, and then reduce strains on arteries and vessels. Besides, iron works well on boosting red blood cell production and oxygenate body’s organ system. Therefore, your heart will be reduced strain due to less blood and oxygen transferred and it won’t be overworked any more.

2. Immune system improvement
One of the best properties for your immune system boost is vitamin C; fortunately, owning the high content of vitamin C makes alfalfa become your best choice. Vitamin C has the ability to encourage white blood cells production as well as reduce oxidative stress. In addition, vitamin E, vitamin B, which compounds can promote your metabolism also found in this sprout. By consuming alfalfa regularly, your immune system will be strengthened and keep you away from many dangerous diseases.

3. Toxins removal
Alfalfa is very useful for detoxifying your body thanks to its diuretic properties. The frequent urination will speed up the detoxification, as well as fats, water and salts. This sprout is such a good remedy to cleanse your body. That means if you eat alfalfa every day, your body will be kept clean inside.

4. Stimulate healing
Apart from many advantage, alfalfa has been considered as poultice to heal wounds and injuries and prevent them from infection. Nutrients and minerals in alfalfa can encourage blood flow to the exposed area, so increase the speed of healing. Moreover, consuming the impressive level of protein in alfalfa can boost the development and repair in your body.

5. Skin care
If you are too desperate to have a beautiful skin, so alfalfa is exactly what you are looking for. Alfalfa is a rich source of vitamin A and enzymes, which are so essential for a glowing and healthy skin. They can help you to treat skin problems, lower ageing and improve your complexion. You should add alfalfa to your diet as soon as possible if you want to own a smooth and glowing skin. See home remedies for skin tags removal.

Although alfalfa is a nutritious food for human body, there is still some words for warning. If you consume alfalfa too much, your body will be affected seriously, especially when you are pregnant or getting lupus. Therefore, if you are in these circumstances, you should ask your doctor before eating alfalfa or adding it to any mixture such as ice cream, salads or sandwiches for the best result. You only should consume it in moderation and get periodical health check to make sure you are not allergic to alfalfa or take advantages of this sprout.

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