Among many organs, the role of kidney is quiet important for the survival of the human body. Kidneys removes the waste products, toxins and extra water from the body. Kidneys are also important for the production of blood cell and bone health. So if the functioning of kidneys is not proper, the deposition of wastes and toxins will start in the body resulting in symptoms and complications of various diseases such as proteinuria, high blood pressure, swelling and anemia. In such condition for the removal of waste products from the body, dialysis is recommended. It is an artificial procedure to perform all the natural functions of kidneys, like throwing harmful toxins from the blood stream. It is helpful maintaining the level of enzymes and fluids in the body. But the kidney dialysis can be avoided if the Ayurvedic natural remedies is used. The herbal remedies includes the use of herbs, which are beneficial for the kidney healing.

There are many herbs of medicinal properties, can used to avoid dialysis in the case failure. These herbs are very important to heal the damaged kidney and its functioning. The effective herbs against the prevention of kidney dialysis are as follows;
  • Punarnava is the best herb to avoid dialysis and helpful in preventing kidney failure. Scientific name is "Boerhavia diffusa". It possess the anti-inflammatory property, helps in relieving the swelling of the feet and joints effectively. It is useful in reducing the accumulation of fluid joints and helps in increasing the appetite of the person. Helpful in to boosting balanced fluid levels, which results in healthy urine flow.
  • Kaasni is also known as Cichorium intybus. Helpful in healing all kind of kidney disorders. It is very important to relive the problems like respiratory problems, chronic constipation and increasing the amount of hemoglobin. Contains abundant of Vitamin A, hence improves eyesight. It possess the anti-inflammatory property and is helpful in recovering of kidney failure complications, especially related to respiratory system.
  • Varun is also known as Crataeva nurvala. Helpful in the preventing the kidney failure and hence the kidney dialysis. It is used in proving the strength to the urinary tract and also to the function of prostate gland. Also relives the body from renal calculi, kidney stones, intestinal worms, chronic headache migraine and intestinal bleeding. The compound "Lupeol" present in varun helps in deactivating the enzyme glycolate oxidase. This will result in the prevention of formation of kidney stones by preventing oxalate secretion which in combination with calcium forms kidney stones, which can be dangerous to the kidney.
  • Gokshur is also named as Tribulus terrestris. It is well accepted herb for the prevention of kidney dialysis, as it helps in prevention of kidney damage. Gokshur provides the relief from many of the urinary problems which can be a cause of kidney failure. It is quiet helpful in fighting against the renal infections and urinary discharges. Helps in the enhancement of immunity of the body and is capable of fighting against foreign antigens.
  • Palaash is also popular as Butea monosperma. The herb is named as the kidney healer in Ayurveda and have been used for many kidney disorders. It is also helpful in boosting the functions of liver, which is also a reason of kidney failure. Provide relief from various problems like worm infestations, intestinal infections and intestinal parasites. It also helps in eradicating many symptoms of kidney failure. Also it is helpful in getting rid of many diseases like cold, diarrhea, dysentery and sore throat. It is also useful for diabetic patient as it reduces the blood sugar of the body. These all properties either direct or indirect way helps in preventing the condition of dialysis.
  • Rakt Chandan is very renowned name in Ayurveda. Its scientific name is Pterocarpus santalinus. It possess the wound healing property, which also prevents bleeding. This property is very useful in preventing the kidney failure.

The above mentioned herbs are known for supportive remedies to avoid the condition of kidney dialysis, as they prevent the kidney failure. Also there should be changes in the lifestyle, regular exercising and healthy diet, to avoid dialysis. With all changes in the routine life, a person can convert his diseased life with the healthy one.

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