Weight gain is a condition where the mass, fat or fluid of the body increases. This is also known as obesity. Obesity is the result of many factors like environment, hormones and inheritance. Weight also increases when the fat level rises in the body this is mainly due to lack of exercise. Today, over half of the population is affected with the problem of obesity and one of the key factors that contributes to this problem is their lifestyle. But apart from the lifestyle there are other reasons of weight gain which count. One of the root cause of increased weight is junk food which is tasty, but act as a catalyst in increasing the mass of the body. Insulin also plays a vital role in progression of weight. The work of insulin is storing fat that is already present in the body.

Complications occurring in weight gain problem:

There are various complications which occur in obesity or weight gain. The prominent complication that arises due to obesity is heart disease. This disease is caused due to high cholesterol level in the blood that comes from the junk food and oily food. This disease also causes high blood pressure and stroke problems. Salt is one of the main reasons of these disorders. There are some women related symptoms such as infertility and irregular menstrual cycles which are the most common and one of the dangerous problems faced by females. These are some complications caused due to weight gain or obesity.

Herbs treating the issue of weight gain:

Ashwagandha - the scientific name of Ashwaganda is Withania somnifera. Stress and fatigue are the main reasons which make the body weak this is due to weak lifestyle. Ashwandha helps in increasing the enduring power of the body and reduce the problem.

Amlaki - it is called as emblicaofficinalis in science. It is an oxidizing agent that clears the radicals and supports regeneration of the cells in the body.It also helps the liver to function well.

YashtiMadhu - patients having the weak immunity system are advised to take waste Madhu because it is a natural immune booster herb. It increases the strength in the body.

Shatavari - this herb is a best medicine for pregnant and lactating women. It is a natural Hydrator and maintains the level of liquid in the body which prevents weight to increase.

Saunf - the scientific name of saunf is foeniculumvulgare. This herb helps in improving the taste and the digestion process in the body. It also works on the condition of stomach pain and weight loss.

Diet to be followed during weight gain problem:

Person suffering from obesity must take highly nutritious food and must avoid junk food. Extra oil must be avoided in the situation of weight gain because oil increases fat and cholesterol in the body. Lots of water must be consumed in this condition because water is the only liquid that is free of calories and benefits in the problem of obesity.

Home remedies of this disorder:

Green tea - green tea contains anti-oxidants and has very low calories. This tea is to be taken regularly for best results. It also refreshes the mind and is free from more amount of caffeine.

Cabbage - cabbage is best rival of obesity and it must me included in the meal every day. Half cooked cabbage turns the carbohydrates into fat.

Breakfast - this element plays an important role is weight reduction. It is also important because it provides constant energy throughout the day and keeps the stomach full which is helpful in avoiding junk.

Exercise - this is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and burn calories. Exercises like jogging and weight training helps in burning the fat faster.

Quit nibbling - food materials consumed between the actual meal hours result in increase of weight which can be dangerous. Therefore, it's good to have four or five small meals a day instead of two heavy meals. This practice also helps a lot in reducing the body weight.

Weight gain is one of the most common problems in the world. Many people including children are affected by it. There are many surgeries which reduce weight, but the natural ways are always the best and effective.