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  1. Bellís Palsy (Ardit) & Ayurvedic Treatment

    Bellís palsy is a type of facial paralysis which happens due to malfunctioning of the facial nerve resulting into incapability to control facial muscles on the affected side of the face. Irregular growth of damaged facial nerve can give rise to a new disorder as ďsynkinesisĒ. In such as state, facial nerve tissues in place of connecting to salivary glands get connected mistakenly to lacrimal ducts. So when a patient eats something its eyes get wet. Numbness on ... Read MoreRead More
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    A healthy and glowing skin is the reflection of true beauty. Our skin also depicts the health condition of the inner body. For example, in summers when we are working for long hours under the sun, the body loses excess water and sometimes, when we do not replenish it with ample amounts of water it instantly starts showing up on the skin. The skin looks wrinkled and dull showing evident signs of dehydration

    Nowadays, men and women spend a lot of money looking for the perfect skin cream ... Read MoreRead More
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  3. Herbs For Bell's Palsy Treatment With Some Useful Tips

    This is a neurological disorder, which paralyzes one side of a person's face. The nerves and muscles in facial region get damaged and a person loses sensory powers such as taste, smell and touch. Muscles in the facial region are incapable of sending signals to the brain and receiving signals from the brain. This disorder can be characterized by feeling of absolute numbness on one part of his face. A person feels difficulty in closing eyes or touching any part of face. Intense pain is felt inside ... Read MoreRead More

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  4. Herbal Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), is a condition of chronic pain which is associated with the brain. Our brain is occupied by various types of nerve cells among them is 5th cranial nerve or trigeminal nerve. It is a chief nerve associated with sensation for face and motor nerve controlling chewing or mastication. The trigeminal nerve is originated from the brain and distributed into three regions of face which are classified as ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular nerves.
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  5. Natural diet and home remedies for allergy and asthma


    An allergy or an allergic reaction, to be more specific is a faulty immune response to a specific or a number of foreign bodies which are potentially harmless most of the time.Although an allergic reaction to anything can offset at any point of time, at any age but, a strong hereditary factor does increase the risk of developing the response The risk increases many folds accordingly, if one or both the parents are also allergic to same allergen.

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