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  1. Fill your chai time with intention to heal with ancient Ayurveda ritual.

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ID:	166Rituals have been lost somewhat in our busy lifestyles today. They had great significance in the past and served to pour our devotion, intention and energy to manifest beneficial outcomes, gain insight or express messages that must come through our body and mind for digestion to allow a transformation to occur.

    Thatís why I love using teatime to create an Ayurvedic healing ritual. If I have an uneasy mind or a body at dis-ease I will always turn to my teapot ... Read MoreRead More
  2. Cooling Pitta

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ID:	164This week weíre on to that dynamic dosha Pitta. That firey cosmic force thatís responsible for transformation, digestion and metabolism. Pitta needs to remain cool, calm and collected especially in Summer!

    We have already covered grounding Vata and energising Kapha, feel free to pop over and review them if you need to!

    Pitta is the dynamic force combining the water and fire elements. Pitta is a slave to summer. The sun is itís ruler and keeping ... Read MoreRead More
  3. Diarrhea on the run (Essential ayurveda remedies for backpackers)

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ID:	160When your backpacker travels take you all over the world or just out of your routine for the weekend, you could be susceptible to diarrhea. You are off on an adventure to sample the delights and satisfy your senses, by taking in new sights, touching new earth, listening to different sounds and tasting delectably diverse cuisine. You do so much while you are away that when a bout of diarrhea finally catches up with you, it can be difficult for a traveller to pinpoint exactly ... Read MoreRead More
  4. Energising Kapha

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    This week lets look at that beautiful big strong force of harmony that is Kapha. We'll dive deep with abandon into the factors that might rock Kapha's solid foundation.
    I will also share with you simple remedies to put your Kapha back on the path to being the sweet vibrant being of health it's famous for.

    Kapha is the primary force trying to create harmony and health. Kapha is a helping force that nourishes the body and the other ... Read MoreRead More

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