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  1. Fibromyalgia(bodyache) and ayurveda

    Fibromyalgia (bodyache)

    Symptomatically it calls indigestion(Ajirna) as per ayurveda at the hay fever.

    Treatment: hot water fast 1 to 3 days, Low fat diet. Relax massage, exercise, yoga, Mahasudarshan, Mp care, Trifla with grapes’ water, Tribhovankirti, Maha laxmivilas, Ginger’s juice with honey or gud at the situation of cold & cough.

    Prevention: hot water fast in every week or every two weeks. Massage, exercise, yoga, avoid curd, pickles, sour ... Read MoreRead More
  2. Migraine

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    Migraine is one type of headache. According to ayurveda headache is a one sign of hay fever. Constipation, excess pitta and vat dosha cause to headache. Mostly, pittaj shirahshul is migraine. There is no total cure of migraine in allopath science. Though, ayurveda has! Please mind that Analgesic tablets has many side effects.

    Treatment: Fast, Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, Raktamokshana, shirodhara, Dhumrapan(ayurvedic smoking).

    Medicines: ... Read MoreRead More
  3. Constipation

    • Constipation is nothing but failure to pass the stool. Indigestion causes to constipation. It is very familiar to people of the society. It leads to swelling of colon and most disease. We should use Ayurvedic laxatives as harde, castor oil, trifla, sonamukhi(sanaypatti), etc. to save from side effects of modern drugs. If we want to permanent cure from constipation, please use cow ghee 10gm to 50gm at morning. It lubricates permanent to intestine and colon. The basti a therapy of panchakarma has ... Read MoreRead More
  4. Fever

    According to ayurveda, fever is due to long indigestion. For that three days hot water fast are must. The body temperature comes on normal within fast. Take green gram’s(moong) soup for three days after the fast and ‘ fant ‘ a ayurvedic preparation of ‘ Mahasudarshana churna ‘ four times daily. If there is cold, Please take ginger juice (dose as per requirement) with honey twice a day. You become free from fever without any complication!

    Thank you,
    Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai Prajapati ... Read MoreRead More
  5. Wilson disease and ayurveda.

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    Wilson disease is a genetic disorder according to modern science. A small amount of copper is needed to stay healthy which is obtained from food, but too much copper is poisonous. In Wilson disease, copper builds up in the liver, brain, eyes, and other organs. Over time, high copper levels can cause life-threatening organ damage. ATP7B gene prevents the body getting rid of extra copper. Normally, copper from the diet is filtered out by the liver and released into ... Read MoreRead More
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