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  1. Fibromyalgia(bodyache) and ayurveda

    Fibromyalgia (bodyache)

    Symptomatically it calls indigestion(Ajirna) as per ayurveda at the hay fever.

    Treatment: hot water fast 1 to 3 days, Low fat diet. Relax massage, exercise, yoga, Mahasudarshan, Mp care, Trifla with grapesí water, Tribhovankirti, Maha laxmivilas, Gingerís juice with honey or gud at the situation of cold & cough.

    Prevention: hot water fast in every week or every two weeks. Massage, exercise, yoga, avoid curd, pickles, sour ... Read MoreRead More
  2. AVN Cured by Ayurveda-1

    AVN Cured by Ayurveda.

    AVN is short foam of Avascular Necrosis. Some orthopedic surgeons said that AVN has no treatment except operation in our allopath science. Nevertheless, AVN cured by Ayurveda without operations. See the examples:
    One patient named Mr. Ramanbhai Prajapati 52 yearís old living at laxamanpura, at- Idar, Sabarkanta, Gujarat suffering by AVN cured by Ayurveda. See the history in the words of Mr. Chandubhai.

    My brother Mr. Ramanbhai had lumber ... Read MoreRead More

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  3. Arthritis removes from roots by ayurveda

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    - Severe pain and swelling at joints of the body. One or more will involve.
    - Oil massage wills harmful. On late stage stiffness.
    Cause: Low appetite, indigestion, Aam(Toxins).
    Fast as sam-niram fundamental. Heat treatment (swedana), Virechana, Raktmokshana, Vamana if cough dosh is present, Basti, Yoga, Exercise, Pranayama.
    Medicines: Ginger juice, Garlic, Lasunadi vati, Mahayogaraj gugle, Chitrakadi ... Read MoreRead More

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