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  1. Diet and Nutrition

    In order to understand Ayurvedic diet and nutrition you must have an understanding of two basic categories of information; doshas and the five aspects of herb, food and drink.

    All Ayurvedic therapies begin with an understanding of the individual's dosha. What is the constitution of the person what elements are predominant within them? Once we understand this we can fall back on the knowledge that most problems are caused by an excess of the elements that make up the individuals constitution. ... Read MoreRead More
  2. Hatha Yoga

    Many approaches to yoga exist today. In the United States, three methods are most well known; hatha, kundalini and ashtanga. At the Ayurveda Health Center we use and teach hatha yoga as a therapeutic measure for healing and wellness.

    Yoga literally means "union" but the real meaning is much more complex. A simple answer to what yoga means is that it harmonizes the multiple energies and elements of the body and brings about health but again this is to simple.

    ... Read MoreRead More
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  3. Psychology + Consciousness: The Expression of the Divine

    By Dan Burow Ph.D.

    One of the primary problems facing anyone on the spiritual path in the west is the vast canyon that exists between religion and philosophy. In eastern cultures particularly the culture Hindu culture of India this split between religion and philosophy does not exist. Religion, philosophy and science are all seen as different perspectives that blend into each other as all colors blend into white. The price we pay for this in the west is that consciousness has become ... Read MoreRead More
  4. Ayurvedic Spiritual Psychology: The Question of the Ego

    By Daniel Burow Ph.D. & Swami Sadashiva Tirtha D.Sc.

    In the history of mental health and indeed all problems of western culture the ego has taken a very prominent place. Whether you define the ego in a strictly Freudian sense or you widen your definition to include different perspectives on cognitive functioning the ego is the pillar on which much of our mental health theory stands. When an individual has a problem and they seek help the ego is primarily what is addressed ... Read MoreRead More
  5. Cardamom health benefits

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    Cardamom health benefits,cardamom is one of the oldest spices used in ancient times discovered. Originated in southern India where it grows in forested regions, the wild plant. Today’s area has expanded and is found in: Sri Lanka, Guatemala, China and Tanzania.

    It is a perennial plant with bush aspect, related to ginger. Reach about 2.5 meters high. The root is represented by a strong rhizome.The leaves are dark green 30-50 cm long and 5-15 ... Read MoreRead More

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