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  1. Natural diet and home remedies for allergy and asthma


    An allergy or an allergic reaction, to be more specific is a faulty immune response to a specific or a number of foreign bodies which are potentially harmless most of the time.Although an allergic reaction to anything can offset at any point of time, at any age but, a strong hereditary factor does increase the risk of developing the response The risk increases many folds accordingly, if one or both the parents are also allergic to same allergen.

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  2. An overview towards shilajit properties and purity

    Shilajit which can also be considered the greatest gift of the nature to the humanity is one of the medicinal mineral that comes with innumerable properties. Shilajit, precisely a mineral substance that is extracted from the Himalayan regions has been in use from the time immemorial as a cure of many ailments.

    Shilajit is originally a rock extract which is also known as ‘mineral oil’, ‘stone oil’ or ‘rock sweet’. After extraction of it from the rocks, the thing that we get is black-brown ... Read MoreRead More
  3. Best quality shilajit capsules for your good health

    Market is flooded with plenty of shilajit capsules as everyone is aware of its uses and benefits. People keep on searching for best quality shilajit capsules on net but one has to be very careful that shilajit capsules with standardized extract of best quality is best to use also which undergo quality, quantity and potency check before getting in to formulations. Also one which is free from extra color. Additives and chemicals is best to use for better results. There are various tests available ... Read MoreRead More

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  4. Natural Treatment for Asthma in Ayurveda

    Asthma is a medical condition that results in excessive coughing, gasping and laboured breathing. This is an airborne disease. During an asthmatic attack, the windpipe which allows the free flow of oxygen to and fro from the lungs is inflated. This inflation causes in momentary narrowing of the air passage of oxygen in the lungs, which in turn results in breathlessness and coughing.

    Asthma is a physiological complication that affects the ability to breathe and restricts the free ... Read MoreRead More
  5. How to avoid dialysis in chronic renal failure?

    The question is so hopeful, how to avoid dialysis? The patients of no hope are eager to get this answer. So how to avoid dialysis in chronic renal failure is completely depends upon your will and enthusiasm. Because it is your total mind build up to cope up the renal failure and following the strict guidelines to achieve the targets. Modern medical facilities are only left with dialysis but natural remedies are there which contains natural molecules and maintain the proper environment of kidney. ... Read MoreRead More
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