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  1. Jaundice


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    Called Pilia or kamala. All knows what is pilia. Now Allopath science has no actual treatment. Although, Ayurveda has!

    Food: Green gram(Mag), horse gram(Shekela chana), Sugarcanes Chewing, Glucose.
    Medicines: Giloy juice or Amruta powder or Sanshamani vati, Trifala with cow-urine, Aarogyavardhini vati, Yakrutdoshamrit Quath, etc.
    Nasya: Devdalifal ras at early morning for three to seven days. ... Read MoreRead More
  2. Gout cured by ayurveda.

    Gout cured by ayurveda.

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    Now gout is the incurables disease and a challenge for our allopath science. However, gout totally cures from its roots by ayurveda science. From many examples, let us see a typical example of Mr. Pankajbhai Gohil in his words.

    Myself, Mr. Pankaj Gohil from Varachha, Surat. I was suffering from swelling with severe joint pain since seven years ago. Doctors diagnosed gout and told for incurable. I wondered everywhere ... Read MoreRead More
  3. Gout and Ayurveda.

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ID:	56Now gout is the uncurables disease and a challenge for our allopath science. However, gout totally cures from its roots by ayurveda science.

    Gout is recognized by severe joint pain and swelling at the joint especially at ankle joint. Uric Acid is increase in blood. It is a main sign of gout. Gouty arthritis is typically an extremely painful attack with a rapid onset of joint inflammation.

    Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis. ... Read MoreRead More
  4. Top 7 Super Alkaline food

    Found this super interesting article by health Remedies AWHW about Alkaline food benefits. Enjoy!

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    1. SPINACH
    All leafy greens should be eaten in abundance but spinach is my absolute favourite because itís easy to buy, easy to use in recipes and salads and is delicious. Baby spinach or fully grown spinach are Nutritional powerhouses and are incredibly alkaline. As with all green foods, spinach is rich in chlorophyll (see more ... Read MoreRead More
  5. Glomerulonephritis cured by Ayurveda.

    Glomerulonephritis is a one type of Nephrotic syndrome which has no cure according to nephrologists. Patients have to transplant kidney or to die!!! However, Mr. Jitendra Chaudhary 17 years old is well and doing his study till today December 11, 2010 his all report is normal. Though, his Renal Biopsy report shows Chronic Sclerosing Glomerulonephritis on 26th May 2010. He was treated by Ayurveda and Panchakarma as fast, Basti, Ghrutpan, Abhyang, Steambath, Raktmokshana, Vamana, Virechana. Let us ... Read MoreRead More
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