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  1. How Is Diabetes Treated With Ayurvedic Medicine?

    Summary: Diabetes can lead to various serious health problems like heart attack, nerve damage, stroke, blindness, amputation of the limb and even impotency. Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda promises a safe and effective treatment without the risk of side effects by simple home remedies, change in diet and maintenance of a proper lifestyle.

    Diabetes has become as familiar a disease in every household as the common cold. Stress, improper diet, irregular sleep patterns and a demanding ... Read MoreRead More

    Updated 04-04-2018 at 01:43 AM by Athayurdhamah

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  2. Diabetes mellitus - Ayurvedic perspective

    The description of prameha (diabetes) and its treatment was delineated in Ayurvedic classics. A review of literature concerning prameha (diabetes) has been summarized in the following lines right from vedic period up to 20th*century.*

    Etymon of word prameha/ diabetes:*According to various Sanskrit dictionaries and Koshas, it is apparent that the word Prameha (diabetes) is derived from the root "Miha Sechane" meaning by watering in reference to disease of human body. The prefix ‘Pra' ... Read MoreRead More
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