The principle for establishment of Ayurveda is, “ ATHA BHUTDAYAM PRATI….
” It is for the welfare and betterment of mankind.”
Because “life is the noble gift and no other gift can surpass the Gift of life” -Charaka
Man has eternally exerted much effort and energy to keep himself liberated from three types of misery those are physical (bodily diseases), mental diseases and spiritual unhappiness.
Man is trying to fulfill four objectives

1. Dharma that is to fulfill one’s duties and to perform religious or proper resources
2. Artha that is to acquire wealth and other means thought to be essential for the life
3. Kama that is to statistical worldly desire
4. Moksha that is to attain salvation (to attain the ultimate knowledge )

These four tasks are the inclusion of all aspects human being philosophically.
What should we do to achieve these goals?
The first instrument to achieve anything is health.

Ayurvedic concept of health
Ayurveda has a positive approach to health. Just absence of disease does not certify health.
The feeling of well being is equally important. Individual health is assessed with mind, body and behavior of man in relation with personal and society both.
The mind is assessed for higher state of consciousness, creativity, intelligence, perfect mental health and perfect mental- body constitution.
The body is assessed for bio-chemical integration, physiological integration, and resistance to disease. It also includes reversal of ageing, perfect physical health and maximum physical performance.
The behavior is assessed for action in dealing with all the laws of nature, more stability with maximum flexibility for personal, familial and social relationship.

Ayurvedic aspects of health:
Health is our being and disease is punishment for our misdeeds (karma)
Health is virtue, disease is vice;
Health is knowledge, disease is ignorance;
Health is light, disease is darkness;
Health is harmony, disease is otherwise;
Health gives happiness, disease gives sadness.

“ The balanced state of Doshas(humeurs), Dhatus(tissues), Malas(their metabolic end products) and Agni (digestion, anabolic and catabolic power) and the happy state of Atma (spirit), Indriyas () and Manasa (mind) is called health Swathya)”
“The body and mind are the house of happiness and disease; their app ropriate balance is the cause of happiness or contentment.”
The synonyms of the body in Ayurveda shows the complete meaning and heart of definition:
Sharira = which degenerates that is constant catabolism
Deha = which maintains balance metabolism
Kaya = which regenerates regular anabolism

Respectively, these changes happen uninterruptedly and life flows.
At each moment all the cells of the body works with either anabolic action or catabolic action and these actions were crystal clear to Ayurveda so the three words suggesting actions were selected from the Sanskrit text.
Mind tells body and body tells the mind but the initiation and regulation of thoughts are not definite (relates with deeds of present and past) which cause health and disease.
In other view, Ayurveda explains the health as Dharma (religion) means observance of nature’s law. Violation od nature’s law causes disease our self is our nature which ever guides us we do not hear it’s voice and gets diseased. When we here or follow just our mind without balanced thinking ever gets fall. This is explained in how the disease happens due to Prajnaparadha.
In short, health is the quantitative, qualitative and functional normalcy of Doshas, Dhatus and Malas in the body.
(Everything stated here must be understood properly, it is described in this site)
Health is not just routine investigation or laboratory tests, fully furnished and well equipped hospital’s task or any degree holder’s work. Health is more than these all. Health is organization of multiple factors.
One may think for self and society both.
In summary, I would say, health is supreme asset which can be maintain by due observance of nature that is Ayurveda.
The doors of Ayurveda are open for all.
Here are some points:
“Unto men of intelligence, the entire world acts as a teacher,
Unto men destitute of intelligence, the entire world appears as hostile;
Hence, the wise should listen to and follow the counsels of even an opponent
When they are instructive and praiseworthy, calculated to promote health and life
And well suited to the condition of people.”
A statement from a Chopra committee
“Science is universal and medical science is no exception. We do not believe that there can be separate systems of Western Medicine and Indian Medicine. Such multiplicity of system is only believed in and encouraged by people who have not clearly grasped the significance of the noble ideas as preached by the great Acharyas of Indian Medicine and the great savants of the Western Medicine. The so called ‘systems’ merely present different aspects and approaches to medical science as practiced during different ages and in different parts of the world; anything of value emerging from these should be utilized for the benefit of humanity as a whole and without any reservation.”
Man is unique, only the conscious creature, so most precious, who is entitled and free for the best from of medical management from all angles.
How should be the best treatment?
• There must be preventive measures for diseases and health (psycho-somatic).
• There must be a way to eradicate the disease from the root and there should not any relapse or reoccurrence.
• The drug or other management should cure the disease and there should not any side effect or complication in present or future.
We are sorry to say, no one system of medicine fulfill these criteria. So, the noble physicians of the all systems trying to integrate something like “TOTAL MEDICINE “
Modern medicine is seen to have developed a tendency to revive the ancient constitutional concept of Hippocrates and rename it as neo- Hippocratism.
A well known medical historian Prof. Arturo Castiglioni observing that: “ Recent evolution of microbiology, the progress of knowledge of nutrition and metabolism, the concept of integrative functioning of endocrine glands and the vegetative nervous system and the studies of allergy and immunity have revived the clinical interest in the study of constitutional or integrated concept of the personality of man as whole.”

What is the indication of this point?
Hippocrates and his work should be considered primarily but point is that the science is in need of something which can fulfill the gap for further research. Newly redacted history suggests, what Hippocrates has stated was the knowledge path of Ayurveda from India Via Arab countries to Greek. Without any long discussion I would like to say humbly that Ayurveda and it’s all the concepts are the need of the hour.
Time is coming for the welfare of mankind on the patha of Ayurveda.
What we had achieved and where we are?
If anybody takes any book of medicine and try to find the causes of disease, mostly one will find unknown etiology.
Of course, there is a line of treatment but not completely satisfactory. Infection is the main concentration. Radical cure and surgical interventions are widely accepted.
Most wonderful achievement of modern science is anesthesia, analgesics and antibiotics

The complication of complications created by man, medicines and diseases ever remains as complication. This is reality.
Genetic diseases and its research progress stands at its childhood. The longest way is there to walk and most of the diseases which are dangerous have genetic origin i.e. cancer, diabetes etc.
Antibiotics are there at the question mark.
Synthetic medicines and their hazards are known.
Medicines for chronic and lifelong disease and complications are well described.

Drug resistance is an extra major problem.
This will be discussed here or somewhere in this site, but a firm statement is here that the principles of Ayurveda are more proper, suitable with eyes of devoted and intelligent physicians only because they are on most scientific and socio-economic soil. Ayurveda is time tested medicine.
There are several points having more time tested domination in Ayurveda.
Present requirements of medical science and achievements with its complications should be evaluated.
Treat The Man As A Whole.

Treatment must be done with psycho-somatic angle otherwise more consequences has to impend. Nowadays concept is going to be accepted but very slowly. Department for the treatment of the body is a tall story.
Give The Drug As Whole
Active principle acts fastly but gives side effects and complication which counters the aim of ideal treatment.

Ayurveda do not accept active principles of the drug but advocates whole drug though it works slowly but definitely and effecting to harmonize body and mind both. What we eat is content, what activate us is different.
Sukhayu An Hitayu
Ayurveda believes in Sukhayu means strong and healthy mind and body to live happily and Hitayu means purposeful and useful life for self, nation and globe.
Immunity And Prevention
Prevention is better than cure.
We do not have anything more for prevention of disease- in modern medicine except handful of sanitation, vaccination and basic cleanliness.
Internal purification to let immunity work is the very important principle. It is generally believed that Panchakarma an Ayurvedic procedure which purifies body internally and diseases only get removed and health get place.
Yes, this happens definitely but mechanism is to be understood for modern science.
Ayurveda have deep thoughts and process for immunity development to Kayakalpa ( body regeneration). Kayalalp(to get new body like young one) at older age is common word and understanding to literate Indians (though here also it is applied treatment for general).
This concept requires canvassing and research works to satisfy or convince the modern age.

Stem cell therapy is good but there will complications which are unknown to science today but a way to understand these complications are clear in Hindu mythological books (18 Puranas). The evil’s laboratory is there everywhere. Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Raktabij, hiranykashyapa etc. compelled to God to come and destroy them. World know the single side of the coin, another side has to appear.
When man makes effort to conquer nature gets failure but when man co relates or follows nature gets everything. This wisdom of following and co relating is Ayurveda.
Observations of endless ages is Ayurveda and so called eternal (Anadi) and forever (shashvata)
Discipline, decency and devotion to nature entail us for physical and mental health for self and society, nation and globe.

Ayurveda has special concept of Rasayana chikitsa (rejuvenation treatment) with certain groups of drugs and plants eg. Jeevaeeya, Bruhaniya, Balya, Vayasthapana and Rasayana etc., which are proven effective for Immunity, the resistance Power to fight against disease and to maintain the HEALTH.

Purification Through Panchakarma
Man has been studied in relation to his internal as well external environment and both should be treated at same time.
Abnormally accumulated mal-metabolites and end toxins are the one of the main cause of diseases.
Specific therapy to flush out that waste is Panchakarma. You can read about it within site.
Yoga Is an Integral Part of Ayurveda
Mind of man is full of stresses and strains, pain and sorrows, he has not time to observe the nature and not possible to live with nature.
Do you remember that day when you where at any river or mountain or at forest or looking at the sky. Why the birds fly? Where do they go? When do they return? How does animal live? What do they do?
No, not at all.
Indian sages (scientists) had observed the nature with their keen observation with divine eyesight and classical discussion.
Indian Rishis (scientist) had drawn the path through Philosophy and practical work.
There are six types of philosophy, and yoga is one of them. The basic characteristic of Indian philosophy is, they are inter-related and Ayurveda uses Sankhy, Yoga and Vaishshik philosophy as the Base. Darshanas or Philosophies are described here in the sit elsewhere in this site which will inspire one to think more, think understand more about Ayurveda, Veda and genesis of Scientific knowledgebase.